Why Does Breast Cancer Attack Men When They Have No Breast?

What Is Breast Cancer?


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Breast cancer is explicitly defined as the rapid, out of control, growth of cells in the breasts. These cells usually form a tumor that doctors identify with an x-ray, or as a lump that can be physically felt on the surface of the skin. However, not every type of breast cancer causes these lumps on the skin. Also, not all lumps on the breast are a direct causation of breast cancer, but rather benign, which can increase one’s risk of breast cancer, and should still be examined by a doctor. A tumor becomes cancerous when the cells grow in other areas of the body. With this being said, cells in any part of the body cab become cancerous, not only cells originating in breasts. Breast cancer can also start in different parts of the breasts, some originating in the ducts that carry milk to the nipple and others in the glands that actually make the breast milk.

The type of breast cancer can be identified based on the way the cancerous cells appear under a microscope. Most common breast cancers are called carcinomas, meaning the cells originate in the lining of the breast tissue. There are also less common types of breast cancers. Cancers that originate in other tissues of the breasts are referred to as sarcomas and lymphomas. Some less common types of breast cancers are Ductal breast cancer, Mixed tumor breast cancer, Inflammatory breast cancer, Mucinous breast cancer, and Lobular breast cancer. In some rare cases, a person can have a combination of different types of breast cancers.

What Is Breast Cancer In MEN??

Breast cancer is most prevalent in women, however men get it too. Judging from the title, breast cancer should seem like the least of a male’s worries, but when looking past the gender fixation of the word “breast” we can understand why it is possible. The key ti understand why men who naturally have no breasts as defined by the ones women have, is understanding the general definition of breasts, and what they¬†actually¬†are.


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Breasts are present in men due to the fact that they develop breast tissue as well as women, but to an extent much less than women. Breasts are made up of lobules, ducts, and stroma. Unlike women, men’s breast tissue only have lobules, and a couple ducts, if any.

Men get breast cancer because just like all the other cells in their body, their duct tissues can become cancerous. In other words just like women, men can in fact have breast cancer due to the tissue. However, breast cancer is less common in men because male duct cells are much less developed than female ones. Also, men have less female hormones than of course women do, which lessens the affect of growth in breast cells.

Should Men Go Lump Searching?

Breast cancer rates are growing, and awareness is as well, but should men be feeling for lumps on their chest?? NO! This blog is not a warning for males to be concerned about getting breast cancer at all. The fact of the matter is that men, that we typically do not describe as having breasts, CAN get breast cancer as well as women (which is ironic). Breast cancer for men is very low risk, but high in danger in which the risk for males getting breast cancer is 1 in 1,000. More statistics are shown in this source. In fact, less than ONE percent of breast cancer cases develop in men, in which this article elaborates more on. So males, please do not worry about THIS type of cancer, do be cautious of cancers more high risk to males, such as colon cancer.



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  1. Zachariah Watkins

    My Aunt was a breast cancer survivor and this article was very well researched and quite interesting. First off being that I did not know cancer in the breast could form in the milk ducts or in the milk glands that produce the milk, I thought all Breast Cancer was sarcomas forming in the tissue. Secondly I honestly knew men could get breast cancer but I thought it was a lot higher than that, I did not know men had less than a one percent chance of getting breast cancer. Also one thing I am wondering is because Men have such a low chance at getting Breast cancer do you think that they are put to the back burner on issues of Breast Cancer? (I am not implying that this is sexist I am just curious) This article seems to answer any questions someone would have. Again great article


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