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Picking a subject for this post is very difficult because I have learned a lot regarding many different topics in science through this class.  As a general topic, something that I have learned in this course involves mechanisms.  More specifically, the fact that there is not necessarily a mechanism needed to explain why something works.  For example, in class Andrew mentioned frequently that there was no known cure for Scurvy, but people noticed sucking on lemons made a positive difference.  Nobody knew vitamin C was the solution until later on, but it still worked without an explanation for it.

This has the ability to change my outlook on life because things can be true without having to know the reason behind it.  For example, finding solutions to other types of life issues, falling in love, or making new friends.  There are many unanswered questions in life and mysterious meanings behind relationships and discoveries.  This class has opened my eyes to notice more about what is around me and not taking everything very literal.

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  1. Andrew Read

    Lydia — I’m glad you clicked with mechanism. For me, there is a kind of magic without it. That’s how it must have seemed to those sailors sucking on citrus. Or vaccination before we knew about immunity. Today, my favorite magic is dark energy and dark matter. We’re pretty sure they’re there because we can see their effects. But we have no idea what they are. Amazing.

    If you ever figure out the mechanism behind falling in love, send me a post-card so I can tell future students.
    Best of luck in the future — Andrew

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