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Almonds for the pain

Not one, but multiple people in my life have said to me (as I complained over a headache) ” eat 15 almonds and you’ll feel better” and I always thought it was silly to say that a couple of nuts could do the job just as well as taking some Advil could. Personally, I am a huge fan of almonds and i can eat them with everything, including my salads, ice cream, snacks, chocolate, etc. Headaches/almonds-raw_625x350_51421213477migraines are daily situation for me, and my doctor has told me that it is because my mom suffers  from migraines as well.  According to this article, Almonds indeed do help you deal with your headache.  Almonds are rich in magnesium, which can help you feel better and reduce your pain by relieving tension from your body.

Apart from having lots of magnesium, they also include salicin which will also help you get rid of your pain. Salicin is a component that can be found in painkillers such as Aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, etc.

Apart from being mother nature’s Advil, they have a large variety of  benefits with all the fiber, protein, and vitamin E. They can also help with lowering the chances of heart diseases, not to mention the wonders it does for your hair and skin. Overall, Almonds are not only a delicious light snack, but they are “miracle workers” as well.—The-natural-pain-reliever–Health-benefits-of-Almonds-/506\


We love to Procrastinate

Procrastinating will never be your best option, yet is often the way everyone tends to go.  We all like to make excuses for ourselves saying ” oh it’s fine, I’ll just take a nap today and do it tomorrow” or ” A week is so far away! I’ll start in a couple of days” and eventually you always end up restless and with a cup of coffee in your hand at 3 am. trying to finish a maxresdefaulthomework/project.

Some people may procrastinate because they can, they are simply those types of people who don’t need to put too much time into work. Others may do it because they lack time management, and although they know that, they just keep putting off. And other may just think they can accomplish the impossible in the last couple of minutes.

However, according to Amy spencer, it is only because there is a battlefield going on in your brain, since the limbic system and your frontal cortex are basically polar opposites. Basically, if your limbic system  gets the best of you, being that it is a powerful part of your brain, then you’ll most likely end up doing something you like rather than finishing your english paper. This part of the brain is also automatic; therefore you act before you think. Meanwhile the frontal cortex is not automatic, and while it does its job, you actually have to think about it.

Moreover, according to Hara Estroff Marano, procrastinating isn’t healthy. Procrastinating actually weakens your immune system making you more prone to getting sick. So don’t procrastinate guys, so you don’t get others sick too!635970210566267158-1954724013_635960866973182424545359638_5482e60fb338e_-_mcx-penny-big-bang-theory-article-de



The Science behind sleepwalking

My parents saw me sleepwalking for the first time when I was around 9 years old, and according to them, I had gotten up to make my baby sister a bottle. I didn’t sleepwalk every night, but the nights I did my dad would be the one to notice. Although he saw me sleepwalking he never once tried to wake me up. Sleepwalking can happen maybe only once to a person, and sometimes sleepwalking can be a small walk out of bed and then back to bed. Sometimes I have no memory of wandering around the night before, but other times I can vaguely remember maybe standing up.wdf

Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is actually a lot more common in adults than people may think. The majority of the time sleepwalkers will not remember what they did while they were wandering in the night. There are two big stages of our sleeping cycle, Non-REM and REM sleep. Often, the walking in your sleep happens once you’re in your Non-REM sleep, mostly because your brain is deep in work and won’t get awaken. While your mind is resting, your body is able to perform activities such as talking, walking, eating, etc.

Once, on a family trip in Las Vegas, according to my dad, I was sleepwalking and walked out of my hotel room. He didn’t realize I had actually left until about half an hour later I knocked on the door ( still asleep) and just walked back to my bed. Scientist don’t have a cut-clear explanation for we some of us sleepwalk. However, some say that sleepwalking might be the brain trying to go from Non-REM to the stage of walking up, meaning it would be skipping your REM sleep as well as other stages.


Hi, my name is Astrid and I am from Guatemala. Science and math have never really been my thing, and honestly, i like to think that it is because I’m left handed (people say left-handed people tend to be more right-brained, you can read more about us left-handed people HERE ). In addition, ever since my freshmen year of high school when I took Biology, and was taught absolutely nothing, I’ve always been very distant from science overall. I’m a very artistic person and I love creating new things, so I believe the reason I was interested in taking this course was because I’ve always been intrigued by how things naturally come to be. I find it extremely interesting to learn about the way things grow, change, and/or evolve, and I do want to become more aware of what science is and how impacts my life. I also think that taking this course will later help me be a part of conversations I usually feel uncomfortable in, when it comes to any science topics.


However, I do not plan on being a science major because I enjoy drawing and designing more than I enjoy science. I am a strong believer that you will always succeed as long as you do what you love. I’ll put it this way: Science is like cooking… and i hate cooking, but I do think everyone should at least know the basics in order to survive.