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Slim Chance of Freshman 15

Before I came to Penn State, everyone would always tell me “make sure you avoid that Freshman 15” and even my mother would remind me each time I talked to her she would always remind me too watch my intake. According to this article, Seventeen Magazine were the ones who created this myth on their cover of the August edition in 1989. Ever since that everyone has made it a bigger deal than it should be and tried to avoid the weight gain.

Personally, I love nothing more than snacking. Since I snack so much, you’d think I would gain weight but no I haven’t. Here’s the trick friends, you have to burn those calories off. Our campus is 8,556 acres and wow thats a lot of acres  to walk so that Freshman 15 can one hundred percent be avoided. On this website, the author stated that many freshmen will only gain 2.5 to 6 pounds.

In 2006 there was a study that 137 females who were freshmen at the University of Oklahoma were weighed at the beginning of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester. In this study the average weight gain was only two pounds.

E.T. is Real

Hello Future Friends!

My name is Alison and I come from suburban town in Northern Jersey called Montclair. I am currently a freshman in the Division of Undergraduate Studies so technically my options are as wide as can be. Although I do not exactly know what I want to do, I know I definitely do not want to be a science major and I think I want to do something in the field of Health and Human Development.

In high school I was never interested in science and would get bored super easily but I just did it because I had to in order to graduate. Speaking of which, one of the reasons I am taking this course is to fulfill the science general education requirement. Another reason why I am taking this class and why I chose it, is because it’s something that will challenge me to think in a different way. This class is so much different than the things you learn in physics, chemistry, biology, etc. There are so many topics that strike my interest. I believe college is all about thinking outside the box so that when you graduate into the real world you are able to think and have use the skills you have gained.

Fun fact: My favorite film is E.T. the Extra Terrestrial so I hope you all enjoy this article about scientists may have found aliens!