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Wouldn’t it be really cool if we could greatly improve the evaluation of how diseased tissues respond to therapies? In the article “Designer’ nanodevice could improve treatment options for cancer sufferers” author Marie Daniels talks about how the new “nanodecoder” will just that. The University of Lincoln has put together a team that will be led by Dr. Enrico Ferrari and Dr. Ishwar Singh to engineer and synthesize the two way nanodevice connected by protein in DNA. The nanodevices will be used to identify a biomarker based on its specific shape to resemble DNA and serves a certain function. Daniels claims that with the use of the nanodevice there will be new information gained about tissue responsiveness thus resulting in better treatment options for cancer patients.  

The project is being funded by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange program which had given them a 441,000 Euro grant. The research is currently taking place in the Peptide Suite within the University of Lincoln’s new state-of-the-art Joseph Banks Laboratories. Dr. Singh explains that each nanodevice will be assigned to a molecular probe that can recognize disease biomakers. After researching, conducting experiments, and studying the nanodevice Dr. Singh claims that it will help to expand the current knowledge we have on tissue responsiveness which can be used as a platform to diagnose other cancer and diseases.

The conclusion I reached after reading the article is that there is a revolutionary new device that can greatly increase our present knowledge of cell tissues and how they respond to treatment. This is the another supporting role that will serve to help one day conquer the notoriously known incurable cancer. While reading this article I soon realized the potential of this device has and its impact on the medical field. In class we learned about cancer and multiple other incurable diseases and viruses. A student at my high school was just diagnosed with cancer not long ago and it has made this young teenage feeling of invincibility somewhat dissipate. After doing research and reading many articles I am at ease to know that cancer will be curable and it is not an “if?” question anymore, it is a “when?”


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2.) Designer’ nanodevice could improve treatment options for cancer sufferers

Sleep and memory

Two memory enhancing concepts or techniques to help retain information from studying are rehearsal of information and content and sleep. Rehearsal of information in a spaced out manner will produce maximum results in terms of efficiency and memorability. Essentially, the spacing effect comes into play, which states that we retain information better when the content is rehearsed over time. The reason for this is because you are consciously repeating this information, and gradually over time, less time will be needed to rehearse because the information has already been stored. Consequently, rehearsal over time stores information the most effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, sleep is an excellent tool for studying and remembering psychology. After a study session, sleep prevents retroactive interference from our environment, therefore, it leads to better recall of information. This simply means during sleep, we are able to process our memories of the day and turn them into long term memories without any interference, thus allowing for the most recollection of studied content. Consequently, if sleep is missed, all the crammed studied material is all gone to waste because it has never been processed to long term memories and will not be recalled as easily.

Rehearsal of content over a long duration of time and sleep after each rehearsal (study session) are two very important and fundamental tools to help study and remember Psychology because they allow for maximum efficiency in terms of recalling a memory and retaining the information.


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Tourette’s disorder

Tourette’s disorder or others know it as “GTS” is an acquired neuropsychiatric issue which commonly is made obvious in adolescence or pre-adulthood. This illness was brought to consideration by the spearheading French neurologist, Dr Georges Gilles de a la Tourette who initially depicted the illness in an elderly ladies at 86 years old. The individuals who experience the ill effects of TS make automatic developments and sounds which get to be more diligent as they age.

These automatic developments and sounds communicated by individuals are depicted as “tics”. Just ten to fifteen percent of individuals who experience the ill effects of this ailment really have extreme tics, for example, Coprolalia. Straightforward tics are by and large anything from making a sound as if to speak or eye squinting. The individuals who experience the ill effects of more extreme tics make do a progression of developments or sounds in a succession, for example, a jump, shoulder shrug, AND eye flicker. Just a little rate of individuals who endure TS participate in Coprolalia, which is over the top swearing. While the tic itself may influence somebody’s life, there is an approach to quell its level of impact on an individual’s life. Individuals can here and there disguise or smother the tic to minimize its effect on somebody’s capacity to capacity.

Somewhere around 0.4% and 3.8% of youngsters from ages 5-18 may have Tourette’s and amongst them guys are influenced three to four times more regularly than females. There is no other information connecting any particular relationship of an all the more noticeably influence demographic gathering on the planet, yet as individuals with the ailment age, their tic recurrence creatures to diminish. In any case, this sickness may be inherited and anybody can succumb to its ordinary long lasting term.

The reason for TS stays obscure, however connections between certain anomalous conduct in districts of the cerebrum may be the foundation for the wild conduct that we portray as tics. Neurotransmitters, for example, dopamine and serotonin may assume a part as a natural variable since they are in charge of transmitting mind motivations, for example, the tics. An autosomal prevailing mode of legacy may demonstrate that the ailment is in fact acquired, yet future studies initiating of that demonstrate that the example of legacy is substantially more perplexing which abandons us with unsolved inquiries.

As individuals live with TS longer, they figure out how to stifle their urge have the tic. In any case, there is solution accessible to the individuals who do really require it. Neuroleptics have the capacity to quell the tics. Then again, ceasing neuroleptics after long-lasting utilization may prompt reliance of the medication, and future withdrawal dyskinesias. A more compelling approach to stay on neuroleptics to quell the tics would be less measures of the medications in a more spread out measure of time to diminish the danger of reliance.

While there is no cure for TS right now, the condition does enhance as ahead of schedule adulthood is arrived at. TS is ordinarily interminable and deep rooted, yet a few people really get to be without tic as they age. Luckily, TS does not lower future and does not decrease insight levels. Furthermore, the individuals who do keep on sufferring TS as they age may have neurobehavioral issues, for example, ADHD and sorrow continue.

Right now, Genetic studies, Neuroimaging studies, Neuropathology, Clinical trials, and Epidemiology and clinical science are all adding to help discover a future cure. Hereditary studies have the capacity to follow back in the past and check whether this condition is really acquired or not. Neuropathology has been an incredible contraption to recognize areas in the cerebrum to better instruct Neurologists with the expectation that they can pinpoint the direct reason for this condition. The Clinical trials are utilized to assemble information and data from the TS patients and take in their tics and urges, and if any better approach to express them with their muscles has surfaced. With the Clinical Trails, new data is being accumulated from each age bunch, in this manner having the capacity to help us come closer and closer to discovering a general cure for TS.

Tourette’s Syndrome, or “GTS” is a condition which causes individuals of all age gatherings to express an automatic activity or sound. These activities communicated are known as tics. With advancement being gradually yet promisingly accomplished, data is gathered to instruct ourselves considerably all the more about this condition. Utilizing this data, cures can be made, treatment can be more effective, and thinking that its beginning in a human’s body in any case can be dead set soon. There is still work to be carried out before this development can be arrived at however, so through tolerance and ingenuity to further seek after more data about this condition, a cure will be found. 


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Obesity epidemic

Obesity is a condition involving an excess amount of body fat and has become a rising epidemic in the United States. Nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children are affected by obesity. The health risks associated with obesity are very serious and can lead but not limited to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, obesity is a treatable condition and typically people who suffer from obesity have two bad habits. One being over-eating and the other being a lack of exercise. In most cases, simply changing these habits is enough but unfortunately for some there are more severe factors like genetics that presents a more challenging endeavor. Nevertheless, obesity does not have to permanent and is best tackled at a young age. Kids should be taught healthy habits and learn how to enjoy food in moderation. The growing problem should be dealt with by the government, who should make changes to help the health of the nation as a whole. A healthier society would be more productive and therefore, improve the nation. In order to combat the obesity epidemic the government should tax unhealthy foods, provide healthy alternatives in schools, and increase the premiums of those who fail to meet the nationwide fitness standards.

Taxing unhealthy foods would be a viable solution to the epidemic because this would create more money to help stimulate other advances towards stopping obesity while also making unhealthy foods less appealing. Taxing unhealthy foods has only positive outcomes. Society’s main problem is that they are misinformed about what they eat. Advertising campaigns are designed to draw in money and are not looking to benefit the consumer by any means. By successfully taxing the unhealthy foods in America and using that money to support healthier alternatives, the government can help stop the obesity epidemic.

Another way the Government could help combat the obesity epidemic is by mandating schools to sell healthier alternatives. Students need a healthy lunch readily available for them at school. About half of all students by lunch and they should not be limited to only sugar sodas, potato chips, and a plethora of other poor food choices. Improving schools lunches will not only help to fight obesity, but it also will help with behavior and performance of students. By giving students more nutritious alternatives at lunch the government can help stop the obesity epidemic.

A third solution to the obesity epidemic is to set a standard of fitness for the people and charge anyone under the standard a premium on their insurance. This will give people more of an incentive to start becoming healthier and benefiting society as a whole. The fitness standard would not be a difficult one but it would ensure that people are not at an increased risk for serious health problems such as heart disease, heart attacks, and many other fatal conditions. Insurances should be allowed to charge more to their overweight customers because that is in their control and they are more susceptible to illness. People choose to eat bad foods and people choose to smoke cigarettes. Essentially, holding obese people accountable for their weight will help stop the epidemic.

In conclusion, the obesity epidemic is a growing problem in the United States and needs to be brought to the attention of the government. The government has the power to fight back and help save the lives of millions. To do this, the government should tax unhealthy foods, provide healthier alternatives in schools, and increase premiums for those who are obese and fail to meet fitness requirements to help stop the epidemic.

Obesity was not always a problem and in fact, only in the last 20 years has it become an actual concern. With the rise of unhealthy foods circulating in America and around the world it is no wonder that people are getting fat. The constitution would argue that people should be allowed to eat whatever they want and should have the freedom to do so but that should change. Times have changed and we need a new progressive way of thinking. We cannot continue to live in the past. As new problems occur we must find new ways to solve those problems. The constitution is in some ways can be viewed as outdated and should be adjusted to meet the needs of the people in current times. Why should we still abide by rules that were set way back in 1787? New problems call for new solutions and the government must take charge if they want America to continue to be a superpower and excel as a country.


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Conventional vs. Alternative medicine

There has been a lot controversy over the issue of conventional versus alternative medicine treatments. Chiropractic care and prescription drugs are a prime example of this controversy. Many think that chiropractic care is more of a pseudoscience while others claim that it is “magical” and has fixed their chronic back problems. Prescription drugs are usually effective when it comes to pain relief but the side effects that are linked are terrible and can lead to illness down the road. Most people do not want to have to wake up and take a whole cocktail of pills and chiropractic care offers an easier solution. Chiropractic care is a cheaper, more effective, and healthier means of back pain relief compared to prescription drugs which can lead to addiction, abuse, high costs, and never actually resolve the issue.

The treatment of back pain has changed over the course of history as we continue to gain new knowledge and information. Although conventional medicine seems to change, not much has changed when it comes to alternative medicines that were created hundreds of years ago. All alternative medicines seem to follow certain guidelines that previous cultures used. One reason conventional treatments have changed so much is because the spine has evolved over time. Chiropractors have always been the same in the sense that they are trying to adjust the position of one’s spine, relax it, and allow for more work to be done on it. Prescription drugs have changed in minor ways, improving maneuverability, and created based on more knowledge than before. There are multiple challenges when it comes to determining which is better, alternative versus conventional. Chiropractors tend to lose credibility because their work is not backed by science while prescription drugs have complete integrity yet their side effects and effectiveness draw people away from them. As a whole, society benefits from both chiropractic care and prescription drugs to help alleviate back pain but the only means of relief that are permanent involve lifestyle changes and chiropractic care while prescription drugs only mask the pain for a short time. 

Loading one’s body with countless pills and drugs is not natural and can be tremendously harmful to the body. Side effects associated with medicines have been found to be so ridiculous that often time they are mocked and made fun of. Alternative medicines are non-invasive and usually do not involve one to consume inorganic substances. Chiropractic care proves to be a more natural way of relieving ones back pain. Conventional medicines such as Opioids are what one receives when over-the-counter drugs do not get the job done. The problem with this is that opioids are known to have terrible side effects. Opioids side effects consist of sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, physical dependence, tolerance, and respiratory depression. Many even misuse opioids and that also comes with long term issues. Unless any of these side effects sound appealing to consumers, chiropractic care would be the treatment with more advantages over prescription drugs. Chiropractic care can even improve one’s health by reducing their back pain so much that they are able to get around better in everyday life and eventually begin to exercise once more.

Another reason why alternative medicines are superior to conventional medicines is because they are cheaper. Many reasons why people neglect their bodies when it comes to cost $42, and a months’ worth of opioids cost approximately $140. Although $42 for one session sounds like a lot, during a session a patient not only receives treatment but they learn and figure out more about themselves. A patient can walk away from a chiropractic session with exercises and more knowledge of how to improve themselves, while a person consuming opioids can only result in a short lived pain reduction. When considering pursuing a treatment one needs to consider the cost of both options. Cost can be a deciding factor when picking a treatment because if one cannot afford conventional treatment they do not think they have any other options. Alternative treatment is a great treatment option that is cheaper on average than conventional medicines and leaves the patient with more than just a chemical reaction.

More important than cost is the question of whether or not the treatment is effective. Prescription drugs do not always have the same effect on people, sometimes they help people significantly and other times they have no effect. When it comes to chiropractic care one, no matter how effective the treatment, one always gains something from the session that can help them in the future. In a study on back pain patients, patients who received chiropractic care were found to be more satisfied on average than patients who received medical care, which consists of tests done and pills taken. Chiropractic care is among the most popular of alternative medicines when it comes to experiencing back pain. Opioids are considered a dangerous prescription drug because of the higher risk for addiction and substance abuse.

Overall it is clear to see that chiropractic care is a much cheaper and effective option over the use of prescription drugs. One must learn how to take care of themselves and not just mask the pain over and over with the use of opioids daily. The argument can be made that alternative medicines are not actually effective because it is not completely science backed. Chiropractic care is deemed unscientific because it is not based on the knowledge related to health that is accepted by science.

Prescription drugs however are accepted. Even with chiropractic care being deemed pseudoscientific the feedback is mostly positive from the patients and still greatly outweigh the negative impacts of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are one of the most commonly abused drugs and they have some of the worst side effects, with that in mind it is not difficult to understand why many are willing to try chiropractic care and soon reap the benefits of it. Although prescription drugs may mask the pain, complete elimination of the problem is always better and chiropractic care often results in a person’s change in lifestyle which helps them become healthier as a whole and significantly reduces their symptoms or completely make them go away.

The topic over alternative medicines vs. conventional medicines is very controversial yet sheds light on new ideas that the medical field could possibly value. Although prescription drugs may make one feel better, the effects are short lived and fail to resolve the issue. Chiropractic care has proven to be an effective solution to seemingly incurable back pain. Even with few studies being done to prove the science behind chiropractors work, one simply cannot deny results. If someone is receiving treatment and it is working, what does it matter if the treatment is not totally understood? Support was difficult to find on chiropractic care because it is not an accepted form of treatment by the science community. A form of support that can be used for chiropractic care is how patients feel.

There are many different ways of thinking about this topic, but undeniably the evidence is there to support the idea that chiropractic care can be useful even if not backed by science. Another point to make is that prescription drugs should be a last resource. Prescription drugs have ruined plenty of lives through addiction and abuse, and many times they have proven to be ineffective completely or only reduce the pain slightly. The negatives of conventional medicines heavily outweigh the positives when it comes to deciding which type of treatment one should undergo. Each person responds differently to treatments so alternative medicines are definitely worth a try.

There is a great amount of knowledge that can be taken from the research conducted above but there are a few very important concepts to take from it. One being that alternative medicines are not science based and that they use different techniques than one will ever experience in a doctor’s office. Something else that should be gained from the research is that prescription drugs are often times addictive and only mask the pain for a short time never actually solving one’s problems. Lastly one should know that just because alternative medicines are not proven does not mean one cannot benefit from treatment, it is entirely based upon the person on whether or not they benefited. Chiropractic care is recommended for anyone experiencing any type of back or neck pain keeping them from living their lives pain free. Chiropractic care should definitely be tried before succumbing to some type of drug that one will then depend on to make them feel better instead of empowering oneself to relieve their own pain. In conclusion, chiropractic care is a highly praised unconventional treatment that should be practiced by anyone that has any pain in their neck or back before submitting to the use of a chemical stimulus to alleviate the pain temporarily.


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Penn State plague!

There is not a single minute in class that someone is not clearing their throat or coughing. As a freshman, I didn’t believe in this so-called “Penn State Plague.” The upperclassmen told me to pack for all four seasons because the weather here apparently causes everyone to be sick. However that is not the case at all, it is not the weather that causes us to be sick but person to person contact. 

According to this article, cold weather MAY dry your nose which compromises it’s ability to fight infection which is directly responsible for getting you sick. When you have been in cold weather and suddenly expose your body to warm air, ‘rebound vasodilation’ occurs. This is when your nose gets congested and you are forced to breath through your mouth. All of these situations combined are what MAY trigger cold symptoms. Some symptoms may include a runny nose, sore throat, cough, sneezing, and even a mild fever. 


So really, all it takes is for one person to cough and contaminate the area that they have been in. Then someone must come in contact with the contaminated spot and pass it on to other people.  A few weeks ago, my roommate was extremely sick and I was the one to take care of her. I guess I hadn’t cleaned myself properly after helping her because I have been sick and coughing like I smoke 3 packs a day. It’s obvious that I am not the only one coughing nor am i the only one that DOES NOT carry a hand sanitizer with me at all times. Rarely are we aware that we are constantly touching tables, seats, other people, and ourselves all the time. We have learned as babies that we should constantly wash our hands so we can lessen our chances of catching a cold or other illnesses. So why are we still getting sick? A few years ago I read an article in Times Magazine about how the germs that someone sneezes out stays in the air for about 2-3 hours. My theory is that perhaps we are inhaling the germs from those who have sneezed. OR people are getting lazy with their hygiene.

There are many viruses that are identified to be the cause of colds. The human rhinovirus is a mild yet highly contagious virus that grows best inside a human nose. The coronavirus causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Mild infections in adults are usually lead by human parainfluenza viruses (HPIVS), adenoviruses, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). There are also unidentified viruses according to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

How do we prevent ourselves from being attacked by the plague? Wash wash WASH. We are always touching doors, floors, chairs, and etc that have been touched by another thousand. Remember that there are people who sneeze and cough right into their hand and continue on with their day, so remember that once you’ve touched a public item or been in a public area, DO NOT touch your face and go wash your hands.

To those who are sick, I hope you feel better. Load up on the vitamins and remember to get your sleep. Let your body heal you!

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What are we eating?

You’re strolling down aisle 4 of the supermarket in search of food to bring on the family picnic. You decide that you want to get some beef patties to make hamburgers, 10 ears of corn, fried chicken, and soda…

According to this website and film tab, everyday millions of Americans shop at supermarkets or eat fast food, but little do they know where their food comes from or what exactly is in it. To be able to meet the demand of food in the United States, the mass production of food is needed. 


Cattle are raised on factory farms, knee deep in cow manure, and are without 5 feet of personal space. They are treated brutally as they are branded, tagged, and possibly dehorned without painkillers. Unlike chickens, cattle are able to see the light of day in the feedlots and roam around freely outside. However, they are gated, crowded, and drowned in mud, ice, and their own manure.

Cattle naturally evolved to eat grass, but due to budgeting and trying to raise livestock for the least amount of money, corporate organizations feed them corn. Corn-fed cattle contain dangerously high acid levels in their stomachs and other health conditions, which require antibiotics and medication. The lack of basic health care of the cattle can lead to diseases, such as E. Coli. When cattle are sent off to the slaughterhouse, they are butchered and cleaned using an assembly line. When skinning and scrubbing the cattle, there is a possibility that the manure that was adhesive to the cattle from the feedlot does not get fully washed off. Therefore, the manure can get into the meat that the factories manufacture, which causes an E. Coli breakout. There have been many cases of E. Coli in beef. All American Meats, Inc. recently recalled 167,427 pounds of beef, in November 2015, due to E. Coli outbreak. One hamburger patty contains parts of thousands of different cattle; therefore, it is hard to determine how widespread the disease is.


The food corporations often refer to chicken raised in factory farms as “broilers”. To meet the demand of the public, GMO’s are injected into the chickens so that they grow twice as large as natural chickens and can be slaughtered in half of the amount of time. Chicken farms differ from feedlots for cattle because most chicken farms are dark, tunnel-ventilated houses. The chickens are clustered together, unable to move freely, and it is not uncommon for them to die in the farms. Because of the GMO’s and the rapid growth rate of the muscle in the chickens, their bones are unable to keep up with the pace in which their muscles are growing; therefore, they are unable to walk very far before falling. When washing the chickens in factories, they go through chlorine baths, thus adding to more chemicals that humans consume.

According to Food, Inc., food companies easily keep their employees and farmers under their control. Farmers with two chicken houses typically spend $500,000 to build the farm and to continue upgrading it with modern technology. Meanwhile, the farmers only earn around $18,000. The employees who transport the chickens from the farm to the factory are usually undocumented workers, so they aren’t going to complain about the system.


Corn is a multi-purpose crop. Scientists were able to engineer corn to take on new forms, such as ethanol, penicillin, di-glycerides, fructose, sucrose, etc. It can be found in almost every product in the supermarket from soda, to fast foods, to oil, to charcoal. Although it is a very convenient crop, the pesticide used to produce the corn has a negative impact on the environment. Biotechnology giants replaced 86% of US corn with their patented insecticide which is injected into the plant as a seed, therefore the corn grows as a giant pesticide and unable to wash off. These insecticides are harmful to both the human body, and the insects that are supposed to fertilize the crop.

Humans aren’t the only species that eat corn; it is fed to the livestock in factory farms because it is cheapest. As discussed earlier, cattle in factory farms are raised to eat corn, which can lead to E. Coli breakouts. If cattle and chicken are fed corn, then the bacteria injected into the corn, Bacillus Thuringiensis, is absorbed in the livestock, and consumed by humans.

Food corporations know the flaws in their systems. They decline to be interviewed for Food Inc. to talk about chicken farms, deny the harmful effects on people caused by pesticides, and somehow manage to pass sanitary inspections by the FDA. People continue to consume foods produced by large corporate organizations because they don’t know what the food companies are hiding from them. They don’t know what they’re putting into their bodies or the bodies in which they’re consuming, but most of the time, it is the cheaper option when shopping in the supermarket. So, next time you’re shopping for groceries, think about what you’re really feeding yourself.


This website

Loving from a distance?

Love is simple four letter word; a word with infinite amount of definitions, a word that is often misused, a concept that very complex. Survey a thousand people and ask what they think the definition of love is and each person will give you a different definition, but every couple has a common goal: to be able to spend the rest of their lives with one another. While some couples are lucky to encounter a minimal amount of obstacles throughout the duration of their relationship, others aren’t so lucky. A common obstacle of a modern relationship is long distance. The transition between a geographically close relationship and a long distance relationship can be tricky and unfortunately, not every couple can last through it. In the past, relationships were generally geographically close because there wasn’t the technology available to sustain a long distance relationship, but in today’s society, accessibilities such as online dating and video chatting are available, which make long distance relationships more common.

In any relationship, communication is key; whether it is verbal communication or physical interaction. Geographically close relationships are similar to long distance relationships in the sense that the amount of verbal communication does not vary significantly. Resources such as texting, phone calls, and video chatting are available and allow couples to maintain frequent verbal communication. However, long distance couples rely more on technology as a main source of communication because physical interaction is not available. Physical interaction is important because information and emotion are portrayed through body language, hand gestures and facial expression. According to a study, by relying more on phones as a primary source of communication, misunderstandings increase because of the lack of visual cues. Geographically close couples have the advantage of being able to obtain physical interaction whenever necessary and better avoid miscommunication, whereas long distance couples tend to see each other, on average, less than twice a month. 


Physical interaction is also a source of comfort. According to this article, studies show that kissing helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Also, hugging boosts oxytocin levels, which eliminate the feeling of loneliness and anger, and boosts serotonin levels, which better a person’s mood. Having physical interaction will contribute to building a strong relationship, for it improves trust and communication. Long distance relationships are at a disadvantage in this aspect because physical interaction is not available as often.

There is an assumption that long distance relationships are more likely to fail. The average time of separation is about 14 months, but the average time before the relationship breaks down is about 4.5 months and the most common reason for them to fail is due to unplanned change. Many couples do not realize the change needed during the transition from a geographically close relationship to a long distance one. Adjustments such as how often they will communicate and visit each other need to be made, along with the realization that both partners are now living separate lives. Another reason long distance relationships fail is due to trust issues. Although there is no statistical evidence to prove that long distance couples cheat more, couples tend to worry more about their partner’s cheating because they feel separated and out of the loop of their partner’s life.3 It is cliché that long distance couples are more likely to cheat because of how they are portrayed in movies. In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Mikaela(Megan Fox) walked in on Sam(Shia LeBeouf) in bed with another woman, shortly after he moved into college. Movies always show one partner cheating on the other in a long distance relationship, thus creating the cliché that cheating is more likely to occur. It is normal for these worries to occur because it is easier for a partner to lie about what they’re doing when they are not around. This is where trust issues comes into play and can lead to the breakdown of the relationship. In a geographically close relationship, partners typically know their partner’s schedule and are able to trust their partners due to closer vicinity.

The biggest difference between geographically close relationships and long distance relationships is mutuality. In a geographically close relationship, it is more likely for partners to have mutual friends, to develop bonds between each other’s families, and to be familiar with the cultural landscape. With long distance relationships, both partners are living in two different locations with different cultural landscapes and the unlikelihood of having mutual friends. It is also harder to progress the relationship or develop bonds between their families, which is shown to be an important asset of a healthy relationship. The lack of mutuality can cause couples to become distant and lose common ground.long-distance

Long distance relationships are more common in today’s society and are not always done by choice. Although online dating is available and more people are willing to commit to a long distance relationship, other couples do it because of military deployment, job reassignment, or most commonly, college. There are differences between a geographically close relationship and a long distance one, and sometimes the transition can lead to the break down of the relationship. The key is acknowledging the differences and adjusting to a new lifestyle. 


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Science is not my thunder…

Hello everyone! My name is Amily Zhuang and I am currently a freshman from Maryland. I am currently in DUS hoping to switch into Smeal College of Business. Science has always fascinated me but was never truly my thunder. My chemistry teacher in high school constantly put my class to tears because she was unreasonably hardcore. She told all her classes repeatedly that “If it’s not made easy from the way I explain it, the science field is not for you.” SO it wasn’t me who decided it wasn’t my thing, it was my teacher.

I had a pretty late NSO date and all the classes such as english, math, and etc were already filled. My advisor was filling in for my actual academic advisor for the day and she told me that this science class was like no other. The way she explained it to me was plain and simple… I could learn WHATEVER I wanted to learn about as long as it somehow connected back to science.

EASY. Science is everywhere and I’ve recognized that. I love the idea that there is not a specific curriculum to follow and I could really learn and discuss anything desired. When I read that this class was going to be debunking controversies… It was an instant click that this would be a really enjoyable class. Recently I read into the MANDELA EFFECT. The controversy is that there is a parallel universe and an alternate timeline and there are minor “changes” and “errors” that were made from one thing happening slightly differently than it really did and changing up the whole future. Does anyone remember “Mirror mirror on the wall….?” WELL IT DOESN’T EXIST AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN “Magic mirror on the wall…” 

Intrigued? Click here for more examples.

So maybe this isn’t something I’d like to spend my time on discussing in class… but I love watching documentaries of controversies and really just frying my brain trying to wrap my head around the crazy ideas that people come up with. Don’t we all like to be mind-blown?

Mandela Effect Mandela Effect 2