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Making Eating A Priority

Becoming a college student is a major advancement into adulthood. A major part of becoming a  successful college to student is becoming more responsible. Coming from a situation where your parents do a lot for you to having to do everything for yourself can be quite difficult for many people. One of the biggest things impacted in this adjustment is the diet. Many people are used to having three standard meals a day with snacks in between, at normal times. However, from my personal experience at college this is not so.


Coming to college has significantly changed my schedule. When I say my schedule that goes for sleeping, eating, studying, and going out. I have noticed that many people tend to go to bed very late and thus wake up late. This is something that takes a huge toll on your eating schedule. Ideally, you want to wake up hungry to have a high protein and carb breakfast so you are able to have enough energy to start a busy day. Many students skip breakfast which is a huge mistake. Some people say they don’t need breakfast or forget to eat it. Breakfast is arguably the most important meal and every student should make an effort to eat it. To find out more about the importance of breakfast read this.

Now that we have established that we have extremely busy schedules that aren’t necessarily convenient you still must remember to get your proper nutrition. With such busy schedules I know form first hand experience that it is easy to forget to eat. Usually I will try to get the nutrition at another point in the day if I remember. This isn’t the greatest way to do it, but sometimes you have no choice. The biggest misconception is when people skip meals in effort to lose weight. While it may seem as though you are losing weight this is not healthy nor is the most efficient way to lose weight. This strategy forces you to be hungry which in result makes you eat more when you do decide to eat. Eating a lot in less meals will actually put on more weight than if you spread your meals out throughout the day.

My mom is a fitness trainer/nutritionist and the number one thing she preaches is portion control. You can eat the same food each day, but the way in which you do it will have different effects on your body. The body needs to process food and it is hard to do that when you are binge eating. Having food throughout the day, but portioned properly will increase your metabolism. In result this will help maintain or even lose weight.


At the end of the day everyone has some sort of idea or goal when it comes to there weight. They may be perfectly content, but there is many people who want to see a change in the way they look. It all comes down to the diet. If your trying to lose weight you have to do it properly. It may take longer, but it is much easier to make the weight lose more permanent by eating throughout the day. Skipping meals does much more than impact your weight. As college students we need every bit of energy we can get. Food is energy and the backbone of overall health. Practicing the proper eating habits is the best way to go about any physical change and create a more permanent and safe result.

Bed Bug Infestation in Colleges

Entering college is a big change for many people. While attending college you are forced to share many things. This includes bedrooms, bathrooms, washing machines, to name a few. With sharing all of these things people become more susceptible to sickness because this is a jurassic change. In addition to things people may be get from the college, problems can be created as well. Part of the college experience is living in small dorms where a lot of items are packed into a small space. Many people may not think of this as much, but there are many issues that can arise from something like this. Recently one issue that has effected many colleges is bed bugs.


Bed Bugs are one of the most significant and detrimental problems that a college campus can face. Buildings, specifically housing at Penn State tends to have structures close together. Bed bugs can produce hundreds of legs which would support the fact that they can spread and multiply easily. In addition to all of this, they are extremely hard to find without professional assistance. Students are constantly on the move bringing their belongings in and out of different building not knowing what they may be carrying with them.

Some things that college students can do to avoid bed bugs are as follows:

-examine room the day you move in

-wash clothes frequently

-do not allow things such as backpacks to be on the floor

Identifying them is extremely difficult because they travel quickly and can often times be the size of a speck of dust. If you can’t identify them while trying to look there are other ways. A bed bug bites and withdraws blood from people at night. If you notice any itching or irritation when waking up, it may have been a case of bed bugs. To find out more about identifying bed bugs look here.

As a college student I do not prioritize things such as this do to the work load and other activities that I’m focused on. Thankfully there are other ways to determine and eliminate these pests. Terminix is one of the major providers of pest relief in the U.S. They serve over 2.8 million people. They will develop a custom plan to eliminate the issue using RapidFreeze, which is a solution they own. They are extremely effective in getting rid of any pest or rodent. For more about there services and tips to avoid bed bugs read this article.


All in all college campuses are an ideal environment for bed bugs. People aren’t necessarily always cleanly in college and have no concern for these issues. However it is very important that students do what they can to avoid and/or eliminate any bed bugs. There are so many different ways they can get into a college and once they are in they spread like wild fire. Every student should start by searching their mattress thoroughly and go from there. If there is any doubt or possibility that their might be bed bugs, consult an RA because it’s better to be safe than sorry.


One of the main attraction of coming to a Big 10 school such as Penn State is the prominent and famed athletics. I know that this upcoming football season is something myself and many other students at the university are looking forward to. Professor Andrew has made it clear that science is prevalent in every aspect of life. With the football season right around the corner I have been thinking a lot about it. I have been thinking about the science of football. For most students the excitement of the games is sparked from the aggressiveness of both teams, big hits, and big plays. Football is an extremely physical where people celebrate pain inflicted on the opposing team. While this may seem highly entertaining and enticing to watch, it has a downside.5619aa995aa6f.image

Select students at the university are responsible for putting on the show. They have been recruited for their outstanding athletic ability and dedication to the game. While they may enjoy playing in big games and being apart of an elite group of students, it all comes at a cost. Every time these men step on that field they are risking their health. Essentially there is a hit out on them by the opposing team.

I am from New Jersey, where Rutgers is the state university, which also happens to be a BIG 10 school. A student named Eric LeGrand  was an extremely talented football player that was affected permanently by his football career. In the first play of a game on the kickoff he was going for a tackle and collided head first into the kick returner. Immediately after the play, Eric remained motionless on the field. He had been paralyzed from the neck down. You can see the play here.

LeGrand made a speech at my middle school where he explained his story and the high risks of injury that comes with playing a contact sport. Recently there has been many former NFL athletes who have been retired for a very long time reporting a wide range of health problems do to their years in the league. While their are injuries in many sports, head and neck injury usually occur in a contact sport. These injuries leave a much more permanent and severe affect on a person.

In many cases the result is CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. This causes the brain to deteriorate which puts these individuals at an extremely high risk for diseases such as dementia. Other areas of the brain are susceptible to enlargement which causes a disruption  with the function of neurons. This all interferes with the basic undertaking of the brain and other diseases. More details about the cause and effects about CTE can be found here.

One of the primary aspects of football is being aggressive and a hitting hard. The game would not be the same without this facet. However this is an extremely dangerous sport that many people have or will deal with the repercussions. Athletes have to be more aware of the risks that come with playing these contact sports. They are glorified for it and some are fortunate to play at the highest level which is very lucrative, but they are sacrificing their health. More research has to be done for safer equipment as well as more testing on these athletes to prevent deep-roots and sometimes permanent injuries.

No More Chemotherapy For Some Breast Cancer Patiens

Hello, My Name is David Haselkorn. I have never had a great interest in Science. This is a subject I have always struggled in and never fully came around to throughout my education. After hearing the way Andrew teaches the course I believe this would be the best way for me to learn about a subject I am not particularly interested in. Since attending the class on Tuesday, the topics discussed have resonated. In particular  things as broad as curing cancer have sparked an interest for me. I wanted to find out more about advancements made in cancer research.

Through what I have read cancer research has made some significant improvements despite the increasing number of cancer patients. One advancement in particular is using information about a persons genetics in order to give certain or proper treatment.

From this information many Breast Cancer patients have been able to avoid chemotherapy all together which is obviously very beneficial. Approximately “35,000 to 40,000 women a year in the United States, and 60,000 to 70,000 in Europe.” A company called MammaPrint has been particularly evolutionary in furthering the research and the process.24CANCER5-master768

I encourage anyone who is interested in this topic to read the article by using this this link, here. I think it always helps to have knowledge about these subjects because many things we learn about in school do not directly impact our lives, but issues such as these do.