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Science In Your Daily Life

Hey everyone!

My name is Juan Carlos and I’m from Panama City, Panama. I am currently a freshman in the Division of Undergraduate Studies but my goal is to study Supply Chain Management in the Smeal College of Business.

I chose this class because when I asked a sophomore friend about what Gen Eds he could recommend, he gave me an excellent feedback of this class and of the professor. He explained to me that this was a different kind of science class, dynamic, and that I will learn to “think scientifically” and this would help me in my everyday life .I like science but in the theoretical aspect and how we can apply that information to our existence. Science teach us how this world works and that is essential information every person must know.  It can not only improve my everyday thinking, help me solve some future unknown problems I might face, but also importantly, make me feel wonder about the world that surrounds us.

I did not choose a science major mainly because it does not fit very well with my academic skill set. Another important factor is that the work opportunities I will most probably encounter in my future in Panama should be in  the business sector.