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Hi Everyone:

My name is Jingyi Zhuo and I go by Stella. I am from Urumqi, China. Urumqi is located in North western of China and most people live there are muslim. I am Sophomore but I did not decide my major yet, I am planning major in public relation.  This is my fifth year in the United States, before I came to PSU  I studied at Charlotte christian school, same school that Stephen Curry went!! Yeah!  This photo is what urumqi look like, I did not go back to there for a while and I really miss it.


The reason I choose this class? To be honest my boyfriend helped me to schedule the class so I did not know what class he chooses. Due to my Visa I am still not back to school yet so I never been to this class so hope it is fun. Hope I will find out soon. Also, I may need some help to catch up what I missed hope I can get some help. I am not good at science so I will definitely not major in science, I never good at science since I was kid at high school I always find easiest science class to take.