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looking at green

I am always being told that green is good for my eye, so we have to look at green things once in a while to keep our eyes relaxed. But how does it works?

To talk about this question, we will have to talk about colors first. The reason we can see a color is because the reflection of the light. An object will absorb some light between a certain wavelength and reflect the light that can not absorb. Since we know that blue light and the color of light that are related to blue is harmful to our eyes, looking at green can do less harm because the object has already absorbed them. What’s more, if we calculate the reflection into percentage, it will turn out that red reflects 67% of light, yellow reflects 65% while green only reflects 47% of lights. Among all the colors green has the most even reflecting and absorbing rate, so our eyes doesn’t need to work hard to adapt to the color.

Another explanation to this question is where the image formed in our eyes in different colors. The color red focused behind of our retina. That means we have to use our Ciliary muscle to make the image clear. On the other hand, the color green will focus image in front of our retina, so the Ciliary muscle can relax.


Although green is said to be good for our eyes. It doesn’t mean that we can improve our eyesight or won’t get near sighted by just looking at green things. The most important is to really let your eye to rest after working. And looking at something green in a long distance will be a good choice!



I love science just in certain ways

Hello, my name is Jafit. I’m a freshman at Penn State, and I’m in the division of undergraduate studies. I just came from Taiwan so still trying to adjust myself into the whole new environment.


During my NSO, I was searching for a class that can fulfill my general education requirement, but I’m having trouble to decide a specific subject to work on. The adviser told me maybe I can try SC200 because this is a course that explore different topics related to science. Since I’m not really down to science and don’t know which field really interest me, it sounds perfect to me to know more about some scientific facts in our daily life.

The main reason I didn’t choose a science major is because I didn’t really do well on chemistry and physics when I was in high school. I actually did participate in science fair and I did a good job on doing some research about phase change materials. (Here’s a quick link of you like to know more about phase change materials.) I also enjoy the process of working on a project and trying to find out the answers or solutions. However, when it comes to all the paper works with formula and theorems, I often can’t understand how they work. Therefore I can’t really do well on tests and that is really frustrating. That’s why when the adviser asked me about which subject I don’t want to study, I answered chemistry immediately even without thinking.

Without chemistry, I think I still like science a lot, especially biology. I’m really interested in Alzheimer’s disease. To know more about attempts that scientists made to cure the disease and why is it still not curable.