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Don’t get tatted before you thINK!

By the time some of us leave college we will have a tattoo or a few. But college students are notorious for being extremely broke, that doesn’t mean we have to get underground basement tattoos for cheap!

Tattoos are very dangerous and risky to have, there have been cases of hepatitis and other disease due to dirty needles. Some signs of infection are swelling, oozing, bumps and hives.


There have been metals found in cheaper tattoo ink. It has been found that in red in there has been mercury according to this article. These inks contain cadmium or iron oxide. The metals create allergic reactions in the skin such as eczema. Other metals that can be intertwined in the inks are lead, arsenic, cobalt and nickel.

Just remember to think before you INK!



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How weight looks different on EVERYONE!

Being a girl comes with constant comparing yourself to other people, which  is extremely tough. At times I think to myself why do some girls look skinnier than me and we wear the same size? Do you ever wonder why sometimes we all may wear the same size or weigh the same and look completely different?


Weight is distributed differently amongst individuals.  For example, these women both weigh 165 lbs but they each carry the weight differently. The first lady is muscular in her midsection and the second lady carries her weight in her breast. According to this article, muscle and fat have the exact same weight, but muscle is denser, which makes it appear heavier.  Quite often are people considered overweight because of the amount of muscle they have.                                                                                                                                                                             screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-32-25-pm

Even with the same Body Mass Index or BMI for short women can look completely different. BMI is a person’s weight divided by their height. Sometimes people determine certain health issued from a high BMI. However a person’s BMI cannot be the determining factor in someone’s health because two people could share the same one and have different concerns. So remember be happy with how your weight looks on YOU!



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Organic Foods; Are they worth is?

Many people believe that eating organically is the right way to go. At times it can be extremely expensive and not worth it at all. As a consumer of the organic food industry it has been a complete waste of money, to brain wash people to spend more money. Many products are reportedly more expensive, than other produce, such as mesclun a type of vegetable was 23% more costly.  Not all “Conventional” produce shows traces of pesticides. An article written by  The Huffington Post said that not all avocados had pesticides in them, only about 1% of them did. Meaning that people are only buying these product because they believe that organic foods have better health benefits, which is not true. Seafood is impossible to track or regulate if it has been contaminated with pesticides. From the same  The Huffington Post article it states . As we speak there are currently new rules in place to try to regulate what “Organic;” is by the USDA ” With that being said there is no such thing as organic seafood so be mindful, when a store trying to sell you that.





On the other hand organic foods are a great way to stay healthy and offer great health benefits. Conventional  foods have increased the amount obesity in the community. Stated in Organic Facts in some cases organic milk may be more beneficial and may be packed with more vitamins and minerals. Organic foods do have benefits, and are sometimes packed with more nutrients.

There are several misconceptions of organic foods such as people may think that food that has labels such as “pesticide free”, just because these labels say this does not mean they are not used. Organic just means that the pesticides use to grow these product ,just come from natural sources.



No thanks to science!

Hello my name is Joie Nicole Nearn. I am from Philadelphia,PA. I am currently in the college of education studying to be a secondary education major with a focus in history. I miss living in the beautiful city of Philly, this is a very hard adjustment for me, too many trees.


I selected this class because science has always been a challenging course for me, and I have always struggled with this. However, I truly enjoy discussing the things that go on around me. Science 200 seems like a great choice for me considering the lack of passion I have for science ,and the enjoyment I have for talking about the world around me.

I choose an this article titled “Skinny and 119 Pounds,but With the Health Hallmarks of Obesity”. I choose because in the media you constantly hear about scientist finding new discoveries about obesity and weight gain. People often associate major health issues with obesity, unlike this article the person was extremely thin.