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That’s right, I said it and lets talk about it…


blood-vs-sperm     According to a British National Probability Survey it is shown that people who reported on masturbation tend to have a higher social and education class. When you are masturbating dopamine is released in your brain which gives you the “feels good” sensation, According to an article off of Pub Med. When and after you are masturbating your stress levels goes down and endorphins are released which and can decrease your tolerance for pain, according to Hawai’i Medical Journal.


Turns out we are not the only ones who masturbate, According to IFL Science. There is a full list of animals who do it such as Penguins, Porcupine, Horses, Dolphins and so on… But the reason why they masturbate is because it helps them to have a better chance at having children and improve the quality of sperm.



But back to humans masturbating can actually help your pelvic muscles especially in women as we age. It is also said to switch up your “technique” as it could also lead to a decrease in sexual arousal and experience According to an article on sexual function and pelvic disorders.

No matter what anyone tells you Masturbation is a normal thing to do, now go have fun…



I am going to state this early on and again later, I do not condoned cheating I am simply trying to see if there is some sort of science behind cheating or a way to explain it better. So lets carry on…


We all know cheating is a bad thing to do, but why do some people still cheat?  Well according to NYTimes men and women both have this genetic “cheat gene” called the Vasopressin receptor. There has also been studies that show some correlation with the oxytocin which effects social bonding and the sexual reproductive system.


Also in other studies men are more likely to cheat then women, but money might also play a part because in a study men were more likely to cheat on their female counterpart if she makes more money then him. It does say it is the opposite if the female makes less money she will be less likely to cheat, although for the guys who are making more money still have a lot of opportunity to cheat at their job. According to Cornell Chronicle at Cornell University.


Again I am not condoning cheating I am just stating some correlations. Also not all men cheat, depends on the kind of man he is.


Being a wingman or wing woman is a very important job in a social environment…but does being a wingman really work?


According to The Atlantic, you look better in a group then you do alone this is called the Cheerleader effect. People were rated in groups and some pictures of people were by themselves and everyone rated the group pictures to be more attractive because in a group you have more options and you take away the least attractive and the one or couple that are left seem to be more attractive then usual.


We are also not the only ones who do this as well, Wild Turkeys have been known to do this. Wild Turkeys have one dominant and the others are helpers or wingman and help with the reproductive success by dulling out their colors and they have a better chance in the group then they do by themselves. According to the Kin Selection and Cooperative Courtship in Wild Turkeys.


This even goes for fireflies who when flashed in a synchronous beat will attract a female firefly with a significant higher rate then they would in a Asynchronous flash. You can find this summary of the article on Pub Med.


Overall if you just be yourself you will find somebody, and no matter who your wingman is he will never be better then Master Barney Stinson.



Which Diet Works?

Now I know winter season is coming and everybody is ready to relax their bikini bodies, but what diets really work well? This is an interesting topic because there are so many different types of diets out there now which one is better for you?


There is an article from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , that talks about a huge study that was done and both diets and working out helped them to lose weight. They also stated that with the weight loss is easier to maintain and with the weight loss they showed higher levels in confidence, energy and so on. For carb diets, The New England Journal of Medicine has an article that states when they did the study carb diets may be a helpful way to lose weight it all depends on personal preference and your metabolism. In The Journal of American College of Cardiology states that people who do these carb diets do take in less calories and can help in weight loss, but you would also need to take the right supplements because there is a deficiency in fiber and micronutrients.

For High Protein takes a lot more energy to break down food but you won’t feel as hungry as a carb diet. The diet consist with a lot more meat, fruits and vegetables and has better nutrient absorption. The bad comments on this diet is that we lose fibre and it is easier for you to be constipated according to an article go Research Gate.


For those who try the “Just Stop Eating” diet We really shouldn’t be talking about this now in 2016 because this could lead to many serious health issues and overall  you gain weight after stopping the diet. It is highly not recommended.

Overall the best way to lose weight is to find something you are comfortable with and that will help you on being motivated. and maybe start with little changes and see how well you progress. But at the end of the day…


The Early Bird gets the Worm… Or does it?

If you are like me, and getting up early is no problem. I’m also pretty sure everyone has heard the term the early bird gets the worm but… is that really true?


Well in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, I found as article that says finding out if you are a Early Bird or Night Owl is genetically predetermined, with Chronotype. People who are Night Owls in high school seem to have lower grades compare to the early birds and if it worsens in college it shows the same effect. Although you can change your sleeping habits, they have found that people who are Night Owls have been shifting their clocks when they are in college. Although there was a study found on Winnipeg Free Press that summarizes a study that people who are Night Owls tend to have a higher IQ then those who are Early Birds. The article also stated that people who are Early Birds are less likely to have addictions and depressions compared to Night Owls. Even though it seems Early birds have a better advantage, the Night Owls aren’t doing so bad themselves. It all depends on how productive you use your time.

Why alcohol and holding in your pee is bad for you.

We have all held in our pee at some point in out lives, if we were young, at a concert or just waiting for the bathroom to be open. But is holding it in bad for you?


According to Business Insider a average human bladder can hold up to 600 mL and depends on your how well you are hydrated. Alcohol can also do damage to your bladder and actually in this case a woman’s bladder burst because alcohol slows your reactions and you don’t get the sign of holding in your pee and when you drink alcohol and its a liquid you have to go to the bathroom according  Health. In John Hopkins Medicine there are many things that can affect your muscles in your bladder and causes bowel problems it can help cause other infections and keep adding to your body.


In other research according to over the past couple of years they have seen bladder ruptures around the age of 33 and it was due to alcohol. And with all this doctors now are warning patience to be careful when drinking alcohol because of these common cases.

So when you go out now know your limit, and be careful when you go out. You will never know what will

Bacon Bacon

Bacon… One of the most popular food choice in America it has hit main stream you see it everywhere clothes, video games, wallpaper you just can’t seem to get away from it. But whats the science behind it?


According to AICR eNews bacon is a processed meat so it has a lot of sodium, cholesterol and added chemicals. With all this in mind processed meat is linked to cancer and other heart diseases. Researchers have yet to find any hard evidence or “mechanism” to link it to cancer but when they do studies they know its not due to chance. Now this does not mean you have to give it up but try to make the healthy decision, if you eat processed meat like bacon in moderation or less then you’ll be fine.


According to WebMD they say about an ounce should satisfy your body. There are also other choices you can choose beside fruits and vegetables. Turkey bacon is usually the go to the only thing they don’t recommend is sausage cause that is really bad for you even worst then bacon. The calories that come from bacon is mostly from the fatty portion.

Heres a video talking about the smell of bacon saying why people love the smell its these organic compounds that makes bacon smell good. I just thought this was interesting on how much is put into bacon to get the smell and causes a joy to your brain.


Science of Music Improving Athletic Performance.

We all have that favorite song that we can’t get out of our heads but can music manipulate athletes to do better in sport?


According to Sport Journal music can help bring focus and can significantly help the performer. One way music can help is with changing your state of mind, mood set, fatigue. Although this doesn’t make your workout easier it makes your experience more enjoyable. Another way music can help is to help pump up or relax the performer. The louder and more upbeat the song is the more pumped or anxious the athlete gets and same thing vice versa (slower music). According to the article on the Effect of Synchronous Music on Performance humans respond to the music tempo and rhythm of music. They found that the higher the tempo the better the performer is at higher intensity workouts. They tested this many different ways having groups of athletes running to different styles of music. Some coaches even withhold music from athletes and use it as a treat or a motivational prize if the athlete reaches the coaches expectations.


Music isn’t just for workouts, According to The Sync Project music is also good to listen too when warming up as it raises your heart rate. They also said that listening to music in recovery stage so when you finish your workout helps with your physical recovery as you are tend to be more relaxed.


Now just cause you are not an athlete doesn’t mean you can’t do this. I was just bring attention to how music can help performance levels and you can see that helping with athletes. So go put on your favorite music and go enjoy your workout.

The Ö

There have been many debates on who has better orgasms male or female? So which one is better well…


According to Nature genetics might have an effect on a women’s climax. They also question if there is even a purpose to women even having orgasms since they don’t need it to give birth compare to men, who needs to orgasm to release the sperm to have a child. Many people think it’s to keep the women interested in sex and to find their partner. In the same article they mention that studies have shown that when a woman orgasms can help the percentage of having a child do to the contractions moving the woman egg closer to the sperm.


In Wiley Online Library and the Journal of Sexual Medicine they found that men reach climax more then women and it does not matter your sexual preference. For women, lesbians tend to have a higher rate of orgasms then straight or bisexual women but still not as high as men. According to the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, this could be caused be related by the duration of sexual interaction lasting longer then straight couples.


For these studies its hard to say which one is better due to many confounding variables in each article they talk about how the women are different and how different style of techniques and positions can affect women orgasms so everything is still unclear on who has a better orgasm and there needs to be more studies. But for orgasms it is left to the individual and what they prefer behind closed doors.

Is vaping really better then smoking?

Ever since we were kids we were told not to smoke, As it leads to tooth decay, strokes and even worse multiple types of cancer. With technology always developing this lead to vaping. With the sudden spurse of popularity, people are saying that vaping is better then smoking. Is this new smoking technology actually better for you?


Well According to The Brain from Top to Bottom when you are smoking normally the fire when lighting for example a cigarette the vapor releases nicotine which then releases dopamine in the brain. When the affect is over this leads to a upset and makes your brain/body wanting more nicotine and thus causing addiction. Also in the vapors are other particles like cancer cells and other harmful reactors to your body. This is where vaping comes in.

According to The Circulation vaping cartridges have different nicotine content from manufacturers and the nicotine content also varies  from different flavors. Even though the nicotine content varies in vaping it is shown to have less nicotine then a cigarette. They also found that secondhand smoke isn’t as bad with vaping because it has lower toxic levels in the air. Again according to The Circulation, there are some health effects from Vaping the most common are Irritation in the eyes and the lungs.


There are still a lot of things we do not know about vaping technology as compared to the long term studies of regular cigarettes. According to The Circulation and Vaping technology is still too new to know whether it has other effects for example long term, So for now we would just have to wait till the future to see if there are any long term effects.


What is Laughter and why is it contagious?

Laughing we all do it and we know it is something that is natural to us. but what really is Laughter?



According to Science.howstuffworks Laughter is a form of communication in a way of being social.Laughing is more then just a sound but also the way your muscle moves in your body. When these two parts are combined we are squeezing the air out and not taking enough in making it harder for us to breathe. Now we have all experienced if we see someone laughing everybody else in the room starts laughing as well. Why is this is laughter contagious? Well According to PsyArticles human emotions laughter, smiling, crying and so on this is more do to bonding or for the social environment that you are trying to fit in its a natural response. In the same article they tell you about a research that showed them 3 kinds of movies and then they measured their brain wave. They found that whatever the type of movie it was pleasant, unpleasant and neutral they had the same response. And later on Dr. Sophie Scott says something that catches my attention in the same article when she says “mirroring behaviors” and it makes sense cause this happens as soon as we are born, We “mirror behaviors” we learn how to talk and act from our parents and whoever we interact with and laughter goes along with that too.

I hope this article helps you get an idea of what laughter is and why it is contagious

Coffee and Tea which is better for you?

Hello everyone, recently I have been at home sick drinking Tea like I normally do and everyday I see my friends drink coffee and none of them are sick so it made me think which is better for you Coffee or Tea?

Well first lets talk about popularity. In North and South America Coffee is the preferred drink while Tea is more preferred in the other Continents. As you can see Tea is more popular then coffee if you think about the population it also takes less to make tea.


So lets talk about the Benefits and Cons of these two subjects. According to Medical Daily there is less caffeine in tea then in coffee, cause we all know that caffeine can be addictive but there is yet to see any harm in caffeine and it helps you start your day. There have been links in the past with coffee helping or causing some type of disease or harm to the body but was decided that there were no risks or benefits from drinking it. Now we all know that coffee stains our teeth but it turns out that tea and more specific black tea stains your teeth and this is do to Tannin according to Jefferson Dental Clinics. According to WebMD Tea has antioxidants which is actually a really good health benefit it is linked with preventing or reducing health issues. According to Authority Nutrition Tea is also linked to weight loss because it boost your metabolism and helps burn fat cells.

As you can see there are both positive and negative sides of these hot drinks but do the benefits outweigh the cons? What do you think is better Coffee or Tea?


Hello Everyone, Today I would like to take a minute to talk about whether if you should have or should not have a beard… through science of course.

Okay we all know that beards can have a psychological affect, for example it could look more masculine, power dominate and so on. But what if I tell you for all those people who can’t grow beards properly that there is still a chance. There was a study at University of New South Wales that brought up a good question for how long are beards are going to stay popular.According to the University of New South Wales women like to find the rare trait in men the more rare the more attractive that makes them stand out and this is through natural selection. So this study again from the University of New South Wales showed women pictures of men with clean shaven, stubble and then the full beard. When they put the least amount of pictures of the clean shaven face that was perceived more attractive, When the beard was the rare set of pictures and equal amount of pictures it was perceived popular with the ladies. Okay so we see that Women like the rarity of a trait but what about in a job market?


So let me ask you a question when you think of someone in a higher paying job for example a lawyer what style of facial hair do you think of? Okay what about someone who works in a factory? My answers in order are clean shaved and then beard. It actually turns out that higher paying jobs prefer clean shaved faces like I said earlier the beards do have some psychological affects and that can effect the job market. It’s a dominate feature and the higher paying jobs want someone who can work well with others as in team based or customers. Just cause you have a beard does not mean you will not get a job. According to the New York Post there are signs that people with beards are more likely to be hired in a creative field of work.

So with all that in mind, I hope I gave you some insight whether its for love or the job market. And if whatever you are about to do next or whatever your goal is just pause and think if you should keep/grow a beard.

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Hello, My name Jaier Avecillas. For those who don’t know who I am, I am the complete opposite of what you think I would look like. I am white skinned, blonde hair with blueish/green eyes, Not what you expected right? Well to tell you a little bit more about myself my ethnicity consists of Irish, German, Welsh, English and Ecuadorian (That’s kind of where my name came from(South American)), but I am also raised in a Syrian household and I identify myself more Syrian then hispanic. I have two sisters and one brother, I am the second oldest. I am doing this course because I was always fascinated by science. I like science very much, but the reason why I am not a science major is because I don’t like to be force to learn about science. I like to learn things that I find interesting especially in science. I also don’t like the speed of learning/teaching a science course, I feel like I’m rush and science can’t be rushed. It takes time to learn and I kind of fell out of “science” and I went into Telecommunications and I like filming/editing/directing. I like the art of story telling through film. There is also a science to the film world, and to be more specific HERE is a video that explains how to “Create the Ultimate Antagonist”.


There is a way on how to create a good villain that stands out from other villains.