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She blinded me…with SCIENCE

Hello SC 200! My name is Kayla Smith, I’m from Edison, New Jersey. I currently am in the DUS program here at Penn State due to my incredible indecisive nature. Science has always been a particular interest of mine from a young age, my dad works in pharmaceuticals and it is honestly quite surprising that I’m not think about it at the moment for a possible career in the future.

When I talked to my academic advisor during orientation, he laid out all the courses that would be practical for pursuing a science major. The part that turned me off the most was how much math was required for it. I’m not the biggest math fan in the world, but I love science… hence why I decided to take this class! It looked very intriguing based upon the description and I am slowly getting excited to see what is going to come out of it!


a little humor for your day 🙂

In hopes of taking this class, I want to finally be able to see where I want to go in life, if that involves heading towards a path with science. For right now, I chose not to be a science major so that I can explore different interests and take the basic requirements now to get them over with!

I can tell that this class is going to be a challenge, but I can see it being very interesting and unique which is why I took it in the first place! In relation to science, I found a cool article on some new discoveries and technologies that are being discovered. One of them I liked the most is about a new smart-phone connected contact lens… Eye-Phone…theres always something crazy being discovered everyday thanks to science!