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Why do ankle sprains hurt so bad?

Have you ever had a sprained ankle…..yeah you probably have. They SUCK, I’ve had six I’m surprised my ankles haven’t just fallen off yet. Anyone is at risk for an ankle sprain but especially athletes. I played basketball for 15 years and it wasn’t until high school that I started experiencing ankle sprains so bad. I’ve always heard from a bunch of people that once you sprain your ankle it just keeps happening. They were not joking. So I always wonder why are ankle so fragile. I get that there are a lot of little tiny bones and tendons in there but why doesn’t this happen with any other part of your body.

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This article proves my point exactly about ankle sprains they are so common among all sports. Guys and girls get them equally. I think that these are the most common injuries because there are all different types of ankle sprains. Ankle sprains occur the most because besides the finger and toes those are where the smallest bones are.

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What does Depression do to your grades?

Depression is a serious illness and causes a lot of changes in college students. College is where you figure yourself out and if you can’t even keep yourself together there is no way you can determine what you want to do with your life. Depression is isolating yourself from your best friends for no reason, it’s the everyday self talk of “should I go to class or should I just stay in bed and sleep”. College is the worst time to realize you are going through depression. Depression usually goes hand in hand with anxiety. I have both of these things and they definitely affected my grades last semester.


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Not being able to explain the issues to your professors or friends is even harder. They just ask a lot of questions that you don’t have answers too. This article is a really good one! Depression rates for college students are going through the roof now a days and something needs to be fixed about it.

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Why do people like coffee?

What makes coffee so lovable? The caffeine everyone knows that. It’s the boost of energy you need to pull you out of bed for that dreaded 8 am class. Or it’s an iced coffee loaded with sugar to help you get through your midnight cram session for the exam. What is it about coffee though, I mean really everyone is addicted to it.

Image result for coffee  Caffeine is like a drug once you get a little bit of it you can’t stop. I don’t get it I hate the awful taste of coffee I don’t know how people drink it. Caffeine is especially needed for college students. There are a lot of days where I wake up and wished that I liked coffee because sometimes I just need a little pick me up.


An article from Business Insider talks about how caffeine is much like a drug and what is does to our bodies. If a study was conducted my null hypothesis would be drinking coffee has no harm to the body. My alternative hypothesis would be drinking coffee does harm to the body. When you think about it though people have been drinking coffee for many many years and you don’t really hear a lot of bad stories about it.

Conclusion: Therefore I don’t believe the issue to be coffee if it has been around for a lot of years.

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Test Anxiety is a serious struggle for students, especially students in college. The thought of preparing all week for a test that you know you’re going to fail. Biting your fingernails off because you’re so nervous waiting for the test. Then shaking uncontrollably when you don’t know an answer on the test.
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There was a study done that wanted to determine if muscle relaxation techniques could help calm test anxiety. The null hypothesis would be muscle relaxation techniques have no impact on test anxiety. While the alternative hypothesis would be muscle relation does have an impact on test anxiety. The study conducted was a two group experimental study where one group was the control group and the other was the experimental group. One of the groups was taught muscle relaxation techniques over and extended period of time. The other group was not taught anything.


After a few weeks of collecting data my null hypothesis proved to be correct. I also feel that it depends on the person and how they will deal with test anxiety. I have test anxiety and have never thought about doing muscle relaxation techniques.


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Binocular Dysfunction? I know you probably just said those two words out loud and thought what? I’ve never heard of that! Yeah well I didn’t either until summer of 2015. I went for an eye check up because I was having trouble seeing at night to drive. The Doctor did a bunch of eye tests and then he looked and me and said “I believe you have something called binocular dysfunction” I was confused I never heard of anything like this before. So the doctor started to explain that it’s a condition where the eyes don’t line up properly especially when reading and the eyes are also sensitive to bright lights. I also discovered that this is a pretty common condition but it is usually found earlier in life about third or fourth grade. Related image

Everyone remembers the eye tests we had to get done in grade school, right? Well I always scored 20/20 on those. Often times the people with 20/20 do have other issues they just can’t be detected through certain tests. This is why it was so hard for my eye problem to be detected for so many years.


An article I found from Hope Clinic talks a lot about binocular dysfunction and what a student has to go through in order to get their eyes fixed. The side effects of this eye problem lead to test anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I know this because I am living breathing proof of them. Ever since I entered college I have begun to hate reading more and more and I never knew why. It is because of my eye vision that I have struggled so much with college thus far. I fell into a deep depression. I have panic attacks when I have to read aloud in class and my test anxiety has shot through the roof.

Below is a video that explains a little bit more about what binocular dysfunction is.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD)

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Science is not my Favorite

Hey Science 200!

My name is Olivia Erb, I am from Williamsport PA and I am a Junior here at Penn State. My major is Secondary Education with a focus in math. Yes I know I am one of the crazy people who actually like math. This is my first semester at University Park, I started at a branch campus first. I spent two years at Penn State Altoona. I know Altoona the middle of nowhere right? It was actually a really good experience and I was glad that I started there.

I recently just changed major to Secondary Education I started out at as a Kinesiology major. You’re probably thinking why did you switch from Kines to Secondary Education? That is such a big change! Yes, I know but I was always back and forth between the two before I got to school. So thankfully I was able to see which major I would fit best in. As you can tell “science is not my favorite” that was the main reason I decided Kinesiology was not for me. I had to take so many Bio and chemistry classes that I felt like my mind was going to explode.

I was very skeptical to take this course because it sounded somewhat difficult and I just wanted a somewhat easy general science course. The first day I stepped into this class I was so happy, Andrew was so welcoming and funny and I knew that I was going to learn a lot from this class. To start with I love writing but I have never done any blogging. So I am excited to learn how to be a better blogger and writer. I also think that this class will help me with my organization skills. I like to think that I am very organized but I know I can improve. I thought this class was going to be like any ordinary science class you had in high school when the teachers say memorize this memorize that….BORING. That is not how this class is going to go I can already tell and I am excited to improve on writing, organization and note-taking skills.                                Image result for memes about writing blogs

Here is a video that shows why science is so boring. The teachers need to make it more fun!