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Im sure you have heard before the rumor that video games are poison to people brains. People have blamed video games for committing crimes. This just isn’t correct, playing video games can so many benefits to your life. For an example lets look at children playing games on there parents’ smartphone. You might take one look at the child and judge the parent for using the phone to keep the child quiet, but the child could be gaining many useful skills. By playing games that cause the brain to think the child can be learning without even knowing it. This will help the child down the road when he or she is faced with a problem that causes the child to think on there feet. Video games are also good at a young age for the child as it gets them experienced to technology early. This is a huge first step in today’s world where just about everything is technology based.

Let’s silence another stereotype about video games, the stereotype is that playing them cause you to be lazy. There are so many options for staying active and playing at the same time. Companies like Nike have made workout games that require you to do actual workouts and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This saves a person from having to pay for a gym membership and the inconvenience of driving there. There is other options of gaming and getting off the couch. One huge example is the new phenomenon of Pokemon Go. This game requires you to go out and go to different locations in order to find Pokemon. This app was number one on the app store, so you can tell it is very popular and everyone playing it is getting off the couch and walking around

Finally let’s talk about violent video games. People play these games because they are fun not because they are violent. Video games are made to be enjoyed and they are. The fact that people believe these games cause people to commit crimes or go mad is absolutely insane. There are so many other bad things that the person can be doing besides video games. I’d personally say killing some zombies is a lot better then experimenting with drugs.

The bottom line is don’t think about it. Just enjoy the game and the benefits that come with it!



Can too Much TV be bad for our Eyes?

Admit it, not a day goes by where you didn’t watch TV. It has become such a staple in our life, it’s where we get the news and watch our favorite sports teams. Im sure you remember hearing as a kid too much TV will damage your eyes. Personally I think our parents were just trying to get us outside more because this just isn’t true. According to this article this statement just is not true anymore. Key word there was anymore. At one time this was true. The TV’s that were around in the 60’s had so many things that could go wrong with it. One example is the TV giving out X-Rays. Now this doesn’t sound very bad, but this is where the saying came from these X-Rays. They caused damage to the eye. However we are so spoiled in our world with our flat screen, 4k TV’s that we no longer have to worry about this. They just sit back relax and enjoy the entire screen.

Another way to avoid any trouble from watching TV is sitting eye level with the screen. If you do not this can cause eyestrain. Focusing to hard on a TV screen could also cause eyestrain.   Eyestrain is nothing to take to likely however. It can cause headaches and many other uncomfortable things with your eyes. If you find yourself having an eyestrain there are many things you can do to get rid of it, the simplest is to just rest your eyes. Give them a break sometimes they need it. You can check the rest on page 3 of this article, they give great tips on avoiding eyestrains. Also some over the counter eye-drops never hurt either. However if you just avoid what causes eyestrains you should never have to worry about it.

With it being very easy to avoid eyestrains which is the worse thing that can come out of watching to much TV other then feeling lazy. I would say you can watch on, as much as you want. Just don’t focus to hard and you will be golden.



Can You Have too Much Sleep?

Sleep is an amazing thing. Think about it we do it every day, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice nap here and there. I know I do. It’s so good that it can cause some people to oversleep and this is where you can run into problems.

You may ask yourself, how much sleep is considered over sleeping? To answer that question I turned to this article which says you should sleep no longer then 9 hours. I know what you are thinking, you do that every weekend! It’s okay so do I. It’s perfectly okay for our age group to sleep this long, our bodies can handle it. The recommended number is for adults, which makes more sense because as you get older you get into more of a schedule.

Oversleeping can have some side effects that are not pretty. I never thought that doing something as simple as sleeping an increase my chance to get diabetes. Crazy Right! It does not end there as over sleeping can cause many other medical problems like heart disease. I’m going to be honest with you I love my naps and for now that is good as my body can handle it because I stay active. But when I start to get older I will definitely begin to start monitoring my sleep. I do not want to put myself in a situation where my health could be at risk from sleeping. It’s not worth it. It may seem it but it is not.

According to the same article if you oversleep it could not be your fault. If you find yourself oversleeping you may have hypersomnia. Another option it could be obstructive sleep apnea. These are no joke as they have some other ugly side effects. If you oversleep it is also likely that you do  not have one of these diseases as there are some other things that could cause it to happen. One prime time example is alcohol. If you are out partying all night and consumed a good amount of alcohol and oversleep don’t panic it is natural. However if it continues even when you do not drink and you start to have some other side effects like depression it would not hurt to go see a doctor.



I Love Interstellar

Hello everyone my name is Owen Hawk I’m from Bethlehem, PA and I go to the greatest school in the U.S. I love everything about this place, i guess thats why they call it Happy Vally. Im in the PGM program and let me explain that since I have to every time I tell someone. PGM stands for Professional Golf Management and before you ask, Yes it is actually a major. I got my first real taste of science in middle school, and I enjoyed it because I had a great teacher. He talked about the things I wanted to learn about like space and aliens. Then I hit High School and science was absolutely ruined for me. Nothing but keeping your head in the book and memorizing formulas, and don’t even get me started on the teachers. My spark with science was relit when I was told about Andrew’s science class. It was described as the look in science that I actually enjoy. I  instantly signed up for the class. I knew it was a great way to knock and credits and avoid a science class that was all about keeping your face in a book. man-sleeping-old-sofa-book-covering-his-face-young-33408132

The reason I am not a science major is for the love I have with the game of Golf. I wanted a career where I could wake up everyday and go to work at a golf course. They say, “If you love what you do you never work a day in your life.” I love this quote, this is what I want to be able to say one day. With the PGM program that is where I’m heading without a doubt.


Although we have only had a few classes I can tell I made the correct decision joining Andrew’s science class. I mean we got to chose the topics we get to talk about! You show me another class offered here at Penn State that you can do this at. Im so excited to learn and talk about all the interesting topics we gave to Andrew. I’m definitely looking forward to talking about anything in space. That is my favorite topic in all of science. I sometimes catch myself just getting lost while staring into the stars and wondering what could be out there. One of my friends back home had a telescope and I could spend hours on hours just looking at stars and if I was lucky a plant. One of my favorite movies of all time is Interstellar. If you haven’t seen it yet first off, what are you doing with your life? Second, go watch it right now. This movie will absolutely get your mind thinking. After you watch it the first time, the secret is to watch it a second time to pick up on the things you missed and trust me there is stuff you will miss.

Here is a link to purchase Interstellar its a must watch.!content/608646/Interstellar