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Is energy drink bad for us??

As a college student, we are under a lot of stress and pressure. So sometimes if we have an exam of some major assignment, we tend to have only a little sleep. And in order to go to class next day or go take the exam, many students will choose to drink the energy drink. So now energy drink is really popular on the campus when it’s the time for the midterm or the finals. But will these energy drinks harm our healthy?

According to research; the energy drinks is bad for our heart. A study found that after we drank the energy drink, our blood pressure is going to go up 6.2 percent. And increasing the blood pressure can lead us to heart disease, and sometimes might cause a person have a stroke. But many people will probably say that there are a lot of variables can cause the high blood pressure and cause the heart disease and stroke, so why it would be the energy drink is bad? But by looking at the experiment in the study, we found out that by only drank one energy drink could rise up 6 percent of blood pressure, so it means energy drink could raise our blood pressure a lot in order to give us energy.  Even though it can give us energy, but it is bad for our heath. But there are might be some flaws in this experiment because we only have a person in this experiment, so this small variable can not reflect the whole community. Correlation does not equal causation.

Second; because of energy drinks such as “red Bull’ and “5-hour energy” contains so much active ingredients taurine and ginseng, it can make people gain a lot of energy in a short time. So sometimes it is still questionable whether human’s brain can take all those energies. And in these energy drinks also contains a lot of vitamin B. So the National institutes of Health suggests that people does not need that much of Vitamin B, and if it is too much, the body will digest it through urine. But if a person has too much Vitamin B, t could affect our healthy too. But the good thing is, we will not reach that number after we drank 50 bottles of energy drink per day.

Third; the most important ingredients in the energy drink are caffeine. Because that is the substances  give people most of the energy. But we all knows, if we use too much of caffeine product, it will have some dependency on some people. So the outcome is if that person does have consumed caffeine product, they will feel really tired and will not focus on what’s they’re doing.

With these all bad effects that energy drink could do to us, we probably should stop drinks it or start to drink less. Because there are some other things can help us keep focused such as tea or wash our face with cold waters.

How can we fix global warming?

In recent years, everyone can feel that the temperature is rising. Even though some people will not admit it. But now it is a really important issue for us. And many countries leader are working hard to find a solution. For example, President Obama signed an agreement with China  in Paris which is about the decreasing the carbon emissions. But what are the exactly reasons caused the global warming and the question are how can we fix it?


First of all, the emission of carbon. The scientist find out it is the carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) caused the global warming. And all these carbon dioxide are comes from the the factory, oil or wood burning. So there are a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And most of temperatures we get are form sun. But after the carbon dioxide is up on the atmosphere, they absorb the heat from the sun too. So basically it heats up the earth for another time.

So most of all sources of carbon dioxide are comes from the burning fossil fuels or coal. Because these are the basic energy resource for energy to our home or to factories. So in order to fix the situations, we should use more efficient energy resources such as nuclear or the nature gas. Now most of the country are using the nature gas for energy, because it’s a clean energy, and it will only produce water after they are burning. So it is a good replaceable energy for fossil fuels. But the problem is that we do not have unlimited nature gas for us to use. So after we run out the nature gas, what should we do? Maybe the nuclear. Because nuclear is best energy source we can get to replace fossil fuels. Because the advantage of nuclear is we only need a little bit unclear materials and produce tremendous energy, and it is no pollution. But the only problem that nuclear has is the safety. If we controlled well, it is the best source. But if there is any accident, it will be a disaster. For example Chernobyl in Russia and Tohoku in Japan.

A radioactive sign hangs on barbed wire outside a café in Pripyat.

A radioactive sign hangs on barbed wire outside a café in Pripyat.

So for countries who produced most carbon dioxide such as China (3000 tonnes) and US (5800 tonnes) should have a more restrict regulation on those factories. And two countries need to work together to reduce the emission of carbon. For example, the agreement signed in Paris. And for us, we should do it from the small things, such as turn off the light while we are sleeping to save energy and recycle the thing we have used to reduce the landfill. Because we all share one planet.

Why so many college students starts to smoking

In recent years, people might notice that there are so many students start to smoking on campus. Even it is legal that college students smoking. But still, I am very curious about why there is so many student smoking even they know it is not good for their’s heathy.


According to the research, most of the students thinks they will not be smoking forever, they probably will not be smoking after they graduate from college. So it is not going to hurt their’s health. So these phenomenon are called social smoking, and it is really popular among the college students. Usually, the student who is social smoking are not heavy smokers, they will smoke when they are with their friends at a party instead of every day. So because of this, they think this will not affect their healthy, so more and more people will be a part of social smoking.

But for those heavy smokers, they are saying that smoke can help them lower the stress. Well, this statement makes sense, because college student is under a lot of pressure. But according to the research, these saying are wrong. It is just excuse for their’s psychological addictions. According to research; smoking is not going to lower someone’s stress instead of increasing the anxiety and pressure. So people tend to smoking a lot tend to have more anxiety than the people who does not.

Another reason is that students’ parents are smoking. So their kid is smoking too. Because to a kid, the biggest influence is their parents, so once the kids saw their parents are smoking, they will think it is normal. Also, some cigarets commercials will show that people who are smoking are cool. So after the student saw those commercials, they tend to imitate the commercials and trying to be cool. Here is link that show five reasons why teenagers tend to smoke.

Like we talked in the class, no matter what kind of cigarets or how often does people smoke, it is all bad for healthy, and it will increase the chance for people to get cancer. So it is better we should not smoking or smoke less.

Why so many people people got cancer today

In the 21st century, the technology is developing at a rapid speed. And some of these technologies help people cured a lot of diseases. Let the people suffer less pain. But there is one disease that people is still trying to figure out and trying to cure it. This is cancer, which has a huge death percentage. According to the research, there are approximately 564,800 people died in the US in a year due to cancer, which means more than 1500 people per day. So what are the reasons that so many people got these deadly diseases in the world? And for now, can we cure cancers?no_cancer_by_kirneh001-d3judk8

I think the first reason cause the cancer is the air pollution. Because we are in the twenty-first century, and we need so many things from the factory. So when factory starts to produce things, the gas they exhausted are bad for people’s heath, and they put these gas directly into the sky. So people will keep exposing to these polluted air, and it gives people more chance to get the lung cancer. According to the world health organization.

Another reason is that the food we are eating can cause we get cancer too. In the world, everyone loves French fries, Hamburgers, and popcorn. And some people will eat it every day. But according to the research, these food are more likely to cause cancer than other food. Because after the food is deeply fried or processed through microwave, the chemicals  in the food will cause people to get cancer. So here is a question, can we avoid cancer by eating healthy food? The answer is no. Eat healthy will only lower the chance people will get cancer, it will not totally avoid it. Because in some areas, the water, and the soil is polluted too, so the food planted on that field usually contain heavy metal elements, which is also bad for people’s heath.

Another reason is that the technology we are using. In our home, we all have TV, Microwave, WIFI transmitter and our phone. So these things all has radiations, and these radiations can really cause cancers, especially the microwave. And some people saying that we should put our phone besides to our head or under our pillow while we are sleeping. Because it has the radiations. But these thing is still in debate, but it is for sure that this thing could affect our health. So we should use it properly and protect ourselves.

Like we talked in the class, there are many children also got cancer, which is really hurtful. So now it is the time to face these questions and find a cure in the future.

Why people got so addicted to sugary drinks?

During the class, Andrew talked about the sugary drinks can cause the weight gain. Because  these soda drinks contains high levels of sugar. But there are still a lot of people are crazy about these drinks. Even people who are trying to lose weight. According to the research, there are approximately half of all people drink sugary drinks in America every day. So what are the ingredients in these sugary drinks makes people so addicted ?


First of all, most of the sugary drinks such as coke contain caffeine. It is known to the world as the most popular drug to let people think sharper, and give people energy. Because caffeine is soluble both in water and fat, so after people drank the coke with caffeine in it, they can go directly to the brain through the blood. The reason that caffeine can reduce people’s stress and make people feel less tired is because they can block the adenosine receptors (which is a nature molecule in the brain). So the excess of adenosine in the brain can produce fight chemical adrenaline. So some people use these feelings as energy. So when people gets tired, they will choose to drink more caffeine drinks in order to restore their energy. Therefore people gets addicted to it.

Second, because most of the sugary drinks contain high levels of sugar. For example, a small can of soda contains approximately 39 grams of sugar and this could attract all the small children and teenagers. Because we all like “flavored sweet water”.

Third, most of the sugary drinks such as Pepsi and coke contain carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide can change water to sparking water, and make people fall in love with it.

But according to the research, there is no beneficial nutrition for people in sugary drinks. Sugary drinks will only harm our body. Because this kind of drinks contain phosphoric acid, and it could break down the calcium in human’s body and cause people have a bone fracture. And because there are so many sugars in the sugary drinks, and it can cause people get diabetes, which is explained why there are so many young children got diabetes.

So it’s better for people to realize that how much damage can sugary drinks do to people and start to drink more healthy.

What is the relationship between well sleeping and intelligence

I remember when I was young, my parents always tell that I need go to bed early in order to well prepared for school. And these days, some people did a research that based on college student’s sleeping hour at night and compare their academic works. So after the survey, it turns out that students who sleep well at night have a better grade in their class, and the student who does not sleep well at night, their grades are not as well as those students sleep well at night. So is it true that well sleeping have a direct cause to the intelligence?

Personally I think it is true that well sleeping have a relationship with intelligence. Because if a person does not sleep well, they will not have concentration when they go to classes. So if a person does not have concentration in the class, they will miss what teacher has taught in the class. So they will not get a good grades.

Second, in humans’ brain, it working continually to help people handle all the things. So sometimes human’s brain usually working with nerves to help people store the information they have learned today. So if a person does not sleep well, the brain could not work with the nerves, it might cause people will not remember most of things they learned. Because of this, I think that why most student choose memorize their assignment before they go to sleep. It probably can helps them memorize things better.

Third, if a person does not sleep well, it will fells tired on next day. Because body does not have energy to do things, such as acquiring new knowledge. So our nervous system will get tired, and make people react to things slowly. It probably gonna affect our judgmental and could cause very serious problems.


So because of these things, I think well sleeping have a direct relationship with person’s intelligence. Because well sleeping can not only let people’s body rest well, but also can let our nervous system well rested too. So we can have energy to study for next day. Also well sleeping can also make memorize things better, because when a person fall asleep, the brain can work with all the nerves to store all the information people acquired today. So all the signs proves that well sleeping have a direct relations with intelligence.

Why our mobile devices getting slow after there is a new version?

Two days ago, Apple published their new phone iPhone 7 and the new operate system IOS 10. So lots of people want desperate want upgrade to the new system. But as soon as they did that, people will found out their iPhone or Mac run slower than before. And sometimes the old devices are not even working properly. So lots of people got confused, asking why did this happen? They thought the new system should make their mobile devices better.  But the fact is completely contradictory.


So there are two reasons for this. The first one is the hardware of your mobile device is outdated. Because new operate system are designed for the new device or the new hardware. So if a outdated processor running a newest system, it must be slower than before. Because the newest system is not designed for the old processor. So it must going be slower than the old system. Also sometimes, if the operate system is too new for the processor, the processor will not working properly and consuming lots of energy. For example, if you install a new engine on a old car and run it for a high speed, the car is also going to broke down in a short time.

Second reason is that people’s old device probably have some unused files stored in the phone. And these files are going to slow the phone down. Because when people download the new system for their device, it also going to download some additional files too. Also there is old systems’ unused file. So these files together can slow down the speed really much.

Also there is rumor that the phone company wants people to upgrade their newest device. So they just slow down the people’s old device and make people want buy the new device. But this is still a rumor, still unverified.

But I think the main reasons cause the old mobile device running slowly after upgrade to the new system is because the hardware issue such as processor and files issue. So these two issues are the main problem caused our mobile device running slowly.

Why does people hate snakes??

Snake, an ancient species, has lived in the earth for millions of years. In China, ancient Chinese people even put the snake into their’s twelve animals. But lots of species occurred by that time have already extinct. But the snake lived till the present time. But why most of people does not like these ancient species? Even some Chinese people born at year of snake.


As for me, I think there are two reasons that snakes make people does not likes them. The first one is they are very very dangerous to people. There are hundreds of species snake in the world. And most of them has a poison teeth. So when those poison snakes sense a threaten,  they will attack the target really quick, and inject the venom into target’s body. After these venom in the target’s body, the venom will attack people’s central nervous system, and let the animals or humans lose their moving ability, and put people into the coma, and died slowly.  So if people does not inject the vaccine immediately after they got bite, people will die in couple hours even quicker. Even people got the bite from a not deadly snake, people will still got redness or swell on their skin.

The most famous deadly snake in the word is Naja. These snakes are very vey danger to the people. If a people got bite by these snakes, people usually dies in 5 to 6 hours by the symptoms hard to breath if does not treat properly. Because the venom from Naja contains Cobrotoxin, and it can make people hard to breathe.

And I think second reason is that most of snakes have a scary skin. So when people sees them, sometimes people will freaks out by those skins.

So I think that’s the main two reasons why people hate snake so much. But there are still some snakes are beneficial to the people. Because some snakes can help eliminate the rats in the farm field. So even though people hates them, but these ancient species are still an important members in the ecosystem.

Just don’t want learn science

Hello everyone. My name is Pengji Wei. And my american name is Peter. I took 14 hours flight from Beijing to here. And some people might think this flight is crazy long and boring. But I think I am already used to this, because I used to study in Fort Lauderdale Florida for high school for four years. So after 4 years I think I already used to the jet lag. Ok,,,back to the topic…. In Penn State, I am currently in DUS now, because I am still not sure what do I want do after I graduate. But now I am thinking between the Business major or Communication major. And the reason why I am doing this course because I do not think that any other science class are fit me better. Because I think Business or Communication major do not need really high level science class such as Physics. Because I DO NOT like Physics at all. That is why I chose this class. And I do not think I am going to major in any Science. Because when I was in high school in florida, I took honors biology, physics and chemistry at the same year. And I also joined the school’s robotics club which is really fun. But when all these really really hard courses add together, it is not fun at all. Basically I have to study for my school works till midnight, also still need to build the robot.  So all team members spend tons of hours at night just want to finish building the robot on time. And there is on song is perfectly described us.

So from that, I knew that the science major is gonna be so hard. But I really enjoys the promotion part in the team. So when I turn to my senior year in high school, I chose Micro and Macro economics instead of AP physics. And during those economics class, I really learned a lot with my teacher, and everyone in that class loves that teacher , so we really had a lot fun in that class. I think that is also why I want choose the business major instead of science.

But I believe I will definitely enjoy and do well in this class. So I am really looking forward to have this class with you guys.