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Is College Really Worth the Money? (I Really Hope So…)

We were taught in grade school that to further our education and professional career you should graduate high school and go to college.  Back then, there was only positive attributes that college would provide. It can provide you with further education, independence, networking and communication skill and much more. No one ever stated the negative factors pertaining to college. Especially the money aspect of it all! If I was told I was that it I would be in extreme debt before I decided i wanted to go to college, i would of reevaluated the pros and cons a few more times. Do not get me wrong, we have all mad a great choice to come to college but is the amount of money we spend at college really worth it?

According to a study of surveys conducted on a very large sample of individuals via phone and or online. The results from the surveys are very remarkable. Over half of the Americans that took the survey stated that school did not provide enough experiences and knowledge that was worth the amount of money need to put in. The study also states that having a degree or no does not have a very large different in annual earnings which really bring the question.. is it really worth it?

Of course individuals taking surveys can say and have their own opinion but overall I stand that college is 100 percent worth the time and money. I fight this argument with both opinions and facts. In most professional jobs, they require their employees to have a college degree. It is also know that having a degree does indeed get you better jobs which include a higher salary.  College is also a place where you can truly find out who you are and what are best at. On top of that, it is a location that provides a location where you can learn new information and practice new skills that will be beneficial in a our future careers. Yes, college is expensive, especially for an out of state student, but college can provide you with opportunities and experience no amount of money can buy.

This debate can be seen today and will still be debatable in the future too. College does indeed take a very large amount of money and loans but it is completely worth it. College is not only about the education it is about the opportunities and the networking that can be done. It provides a scene of determination and the feeling of success. Do you think your college career is worth it?


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Do what your parents say and… GET A JOB!

Of course when we go to college our parents know we are going to be on our own and spending money like it grows from a tree. Their one suggestion to you when you go off to college is… get a job. This way you can help pay your bull and have some spending money on the weekends. But is there more benefits to just the money? Studies show that having a job also increases your critical thinking and your overall performance in the classroom.

When I first came to state college I was stressed and the last thing on my mind was having a job to worry about. But once I became comfortable in the area and environment so I decided it was time to get a job and it was a great decision. Just as the results found in the study, my job provided my day to day life with structure, organization and discipline.   By working between ten to nineteen hour a week a job can provide you with structure for your day as well as a way to make time for your school work. Having a job also entitles you to have discipline and keep your school work and work schedule organized.

On the other hand, If too much time is used it can create a stressful situation and potential harm to your academic career. If you work over 20 hours as well as being a full time student, it may leave you with barely any time for school work and of down time. Having a full load of school work on top of working multiple hours a week can make get behind on your school work is a major negativity effect on your grades. There is also more responsibility that you must undergo while dealing with both situations. Obligations might overlap and there is a high possibility that you will have to pick and choose the one that is most important at that time. This leads to lost opportunities and potential negative effects on your education.

In my mind, I think having a job while being a full time student has both its positive and negative attributes. What do you think about having a job while being a student? Is it worth it? Or do you think it is more stress than reward?


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Whats More Dangerous? Skiing or Snowboarding?

Growing up I learned how to ski when i was four years old. I always wanted to snowboard but my parents thought it was too dangerous and I was way too young. Once I turned eight years old I demanded that i was going to snowboard and i was ready. For the past thirteen years i have been snowboarding and loving every minute of it. Looking back at my parents decision to make me wait was probably the right idea. Scientific studies show that snowboarding is in fact more dangerous than skiing and the injuries caused by snowboarding were significantly higher.

The study looked over injuries that occurred to both skiers and snowboarder and compared them side by side.   The results show that the injuries  to the abdominal areas were much higher in the individuals that participated in snowboarding. Also mistakes after jumping for skiers were much lower than then snowboarders. Over time snowboarding has become larger and overall more popular.  As well as seeing a boost in popularity, we also saw a boost in snowboarding related injuries and the study show the data. Although this study specifies that snowboarding has significantly more injuries, another study shows skiing having a higher injury rate.

This scientific study brings together Spinal injuries from both skiers and snowboarders over a two year span. The results state that there was a larger amount of skiers who suffered from a sever spinal injury. Out of 56 spinal injuries that occurred during the observed time frame, over half of the individuals who suffered those injuries were indeed skiers.

Both Studies showed two different side of the argument as to which winter sport is more dangerous. As growing up I know the injuries that come along with both skiing and snowboarding. In my perceptive I believe it is mostly what you are most conformable on but if i had to choose from my own experiences which one is more dangerous, I would consider skiing being more dangerous. Let me tell you why.

Skiing when you have two skies, one for each foot. They are disconnected to one another and they are most commonly ridden with ski poles at your sides for pushing. This can be seen as a extreme risk. If the skis get crossed, you will be projected forward. At any time if you loose control there is a high probability that you will be crossing your skis causing you to fall. There is also two poles that are in your hands that have the potential to cause harm to you are get in the way while falling. For a snowboarder, your feet are both secured to one board and if you lose balance here you will most likely slip onto your stomach or butt. From experience, i would much rather fall on my butt or side rather than cross my skis and create a face indent into the snow in front of me .

Link here- Figure 2 

Overall, Studies show that in some aspects snowboarding can be seen as the more dangerous sports and other Studies show results of skiing being the sport that causes more injuries. Which Sport do you think is more dangerous? Skiing or Snowboarding?

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Red Bull Gives you Wings and Positvie Effects while driving?

Mostly every college student has done it. You’re about to go on a long drive, you just stopped to get some gas and you grab a red bull to keep you awake and alert. But did you know that drinking that Red Bull could of been highly beneficial for your driving ( I honestly didn’t)?Of course energy drinks are not the greatest thing for your health but scientific studies do indeed show results of Red Bull having a positive effect on the body when driving for a long duration  of time.

Personally when I think of red bull, I think action sports, adrenaline, and wings. But after I read this study that consisted of a somewhat small sample but provided some interesting results. The scientific study consisted of a double-blind placebo experiment with 24 healthy individuals. The results were basted off an experiment that simulated driving four hours. Half the drivers were given Red Bull and the others were given Red Bull without most of the ingredients as in caffeine, B vitamins, etc.. Each individual would would drive for a short period, receive the Red Bull or the placebo drink then drive for four straight hours.

The results of the experiment were quiet interesting. You would think for over a long period of time the drink would make you groggy, but in fact, drinking the Red Bull brought positive effects to the individuals that received it. The results  indicate that the study shows  drinking Red Bull while driving long distances improved the quality of the driving of the individuals that drank it, there was a reduction of speed and finally, it provided the drivers metal benefits that helped preform the task of driving more efficiently. So the overall conclusion of the study was that drastically improves the performance of the driver as well as reduces the feeling of be tired during long driving periods.

So there is a few flaws that I would like to address and discuss. The first flaw is that the experiment was only done on 24 individuals which indicates a fairly small sample size. The second flaw is that they took out over six ingredients for the placebo group of the study. My question is what if just one of those ingredients was the overall factor of receiving positive effects. The study cannot provide and answer as to what is the main ingredients that do provide the positive benefits and if there is a way to indicate those specific ingredients, can we create a healthier alternative that provides the same effects?

Overall, I believe that drinking Red Bull does indeed bring positive effects on driving. Do you think it is? Do you think their is a healthier alternative beside Red Bull that will provide the same effects or is Red Bull the overall drink to consume when driving long distances?


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Social Media as a Learning Tool?

Over recent years social media sites have become a very popular online platform for individuals to interact, communicate and network. As time goes by, these social media sites are being seen as tools for professionals as well students in the class room. Of course growing up, most of our high school careers consisted of keeping our phones in our lockers or on silent in our book bags and having our phone out during school was quiet frowned upon. Phones and social media were seen as distractions and a unnecessary idea, but is there positive effects? Does social media networks help students learn in different ways or is it something that should be kept out of the classroom?

Kiev, Ukraine - October 17, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known social media brand's printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

Kiev, Ukraine – October 17, 2012 – A logotype collection of well-known social media brand’s printed on paper. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Myspace, Tumblr, Livejournal, Foursquare and more other logos.

There are multiple articles and studies that tested similar questions and their data and information so both the negative and positive effects of the use of social media as a learning too. An article published by Karen Lederer shows both the positive and negative effects of using social media. On the positive side of the spectrum, social media can be used as a tool for education, Engagement, communication between student and teachers and a way to get your noticed and network with professionals. By using social media and different apps, students can engage and participate in class without any criticizer from surrounding peers. Just like we see in class with the comment wall, anyone is able to ask questions without having to raise their hand in lecture hall that contains about 300 student. It can be intimidating and if you are scared to ask a question you’ll never understand the true answer. It also allows students to get to interact with the class as well the teacher or professor. Another positive effect of the use of social media is that it allows you to network with professionals in your desired field of study. It allows a student to show who they and what kind of personalities they have through their social media profiles.

On the other side, the use of social media platforms can provide negative effects. According to the same article , as well as being a student that sees the negative effects first hand, the negative effects consist of social media being a distraction for students, their can be a possibility of cyber bullying or anonymous post and finally, a way to lose face to face communication skills. As a student I see these effects and have witnessed them first hand. Social media for myself is a huge distraction, and i lose complete focus besides what is in front of my face. As well as Social media use being a distraction, it also in no way a tool to learn face to face communication skills. It does have a chance for you to practice computer skill and communication via text, blog or email. It is not able to hep teach the social skill that are peculiarly used  when actually working in a organization or facility that interacts with an individuals on a daily basis.

Overall, I can see social media use as a positive tool, but by experiencing it first hand, i my self would say that the negative effects over weigh the positive effects. What do you think? Do you think the use of social media is beneficial and can have a positive effect on students? Or do you think it is an overall negative idea and the use of social media should be left for out of the class room?

Can Biking Make You Smarter and Less Stressed?

Can Biking really make you smarter and less stressed in your everyday life? Well a recent scientific study says that it is extremely possible. From performing the exercise of biking, your brain is working to make you a smarter and more sharper individual. Although this does sound pretty simple, there is some information needed to reach maximum brain power.

According to the article, the study showed how riding a bike can not only provide exercise for your body but it can also provide it for your brain. When you are biking you push the neurons in your body to work mode and they have potential to double and or triple in the amount your brain produces. This is technically building your brain to become stronger and more precise. The brain sends messages to the new brain cells allowing them work side by side and on the same path as the preexisting brain cells. By working together, it creates a stronger and more efficient mind. Participants in the study were giving tests and actually did better and quicker when they rode prior to taking the tests. Also, biking has the potential to relieve you from all your stress!

Riding a bike has the potential to provide emotional benefits as well.  There was another study that was preformed at Duke university. The study looked at around 26 years of gathered information. There conclusion was that even exercising for 20 minutes a day can help with anxiety and stress as well as helping with depression. They do not know what the exact explanation is but they do have a pretty good idea. While riding your brain produces a chemical call dopamine. This is considered to be the natural high received for exercise. It helps the athlete feel good as well as gives them confidence. This is where it has potential to eliminate anxiety and stress.

Although all this seems great, there is a certain amount of exercise needed to reach your peak brain power. There is potential to work yourself and your brain overboard and you will not receive all the positive benefits. The best possible time length for a perfect work out is 30 minutes to an hour of a nice smooth ride. This will provide the brain with enough protein and new brain cells to work at its best. If you workout over the time period of time given it starts to put wear on your body. Once the body is warn out it take the proteins needed to keep preforming and it takes them away from the brain. This is why going over the limit has the potential to provide you unwanted results.

Snowboarding All Four Seasons

I was reading up on a snowboard magazine online and I came across new technology that allows skiers and snowboarders to learn and progress through the off season. It is also a great idea for resorts that are looking for more income in the 9 months their slopes are not in operation. The new upcoming technology is called Snowflex. Snowflex is a synthetic material that is very similar to AstroTurf but is designed slightly differently. They use strands of strong material that is pierced into a mat and is looped back in creating very tiny loop. Once water is applied it is very slick like snow. Resorts will cover a small portion of a slope to make it usable during their off season. Normal ski and snowboard equipment works hand and hand with the Snowflex. There is no type of change or maintenance needed for the equipment. The material acts just like snow. It is soft, easy to control yourself on and it also glides just like real snow.

The invention was first developed and seen around the UK. In previous years it has become a very popular invention. Resorts are starting to look for new ideas and experiences that they can provide in the off season to make more profit. This invention has sparked many ideas of multiple professionals in the ski industry and we are starting to see it pop up in are surrounding areas. More and more resorts are having trouble staying open in the off season because they have no snow. They have all the necessary equipment to stay open but they are missing the most important ingredient which happens to be snow. This is a great alternative for snow and the feel is very similar.Also, it is very beneficial for the skiers and snowboarders. As a rider that has been snowboarding for 17 years, I know the feeling the off season brings. You lose your progression and you completely lose the ability to preform the sport. This new technology allows the wither athletes to keep practicing. It allows the skiers and riders a chance to progress during the off season. They can stay fresh on their equipment and learn new skills  hey can apply in the future winter seasons.

This is truly an awesome invention science has gifted with, At least for the skiers and snowboarders of the world. It provide multiple benefits for the resort but also the  skiers and riders of the area. I will be sure to keep my eyes out for one in the State College area!

Are Extreme Sports Participants Addicts?

I recently came across an article that really caught my eye. The Article consisted of a study pertaining to the psychology of people who partake in extreme sports and what do they get out of it.

http://extreme-action        sports/

As mentioned in the study, the participants that partake in these risky sports have a different and negative images . They usually consist of daredevil like attitudes and they thrive off risk and fear. Although this may seem true, you really cannot judge a book by its cover because these participants are receiving positive effects from these extreme activities. The articles give more incite as to what and why these seek out scary and dangerous sports.

People who are involved in extreme sports see positive effects from the experience they get while doing such activities. Our brain and body are designed to get scared in these times. They are supposed to alert us about feelings of harm and or fear. Participants who go through these activities are responding to fear in a positive way and the brain rewards them for that. When someone pushes through fear, the brain releases a chemical call dopamine. The release of this chemical gives the participants of the study a feeling of happiness and confidence. This can cause long term personally effects for the body that include an appreciation of life and the possible outcomes situation can really have.

Where does the addiction part come in you may ask? Well The chemical dopamine can cause the feeling of addiction. When you are partaking in an extreme sport you fall in to a state of fear, once you overcome this fear your brain rewards you with dopamine. The dopamine is the part of the equation that makes you feel confident and happy. It gives a natural high that makes you feel overall good about yourself. When a participant is constantly putting themselves through extreme situations for pleasure, they are constantly feeling that sense of happiness. If you take that away the extreme aspects of the activity, you take away the happiness they receive. They keep pushing themselves through no matter what the risk in order to get that sense of confidence and happiness.



Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Freeman and I am a senior here at Penn State. I am studying Recreation, Park, Tourism Management with my main focus in commercial recreation. I started my education at Penn State’s satellite campus in Hazelton, PA and two years later I transferred to main campus. To be honest, I am taking this course because I needed science credits but there was something about this class that really caught my eye. I really like the concept of learning about multiple ideas and theories on a broader level especially about time and space. Also I have heard from my classmates that the course got you thinking and the material was extremely interesting.  

Science and I also have a love hate relationship. From the age of seven to fifteen I had my eyes set on becoming an astronaut and to study materials found in space. Once I realized how many requirements and hours of training were involve, I knew it was not the job for me. Science was one of my favorite subjects in grade school. I remember class was always hands on. I always had a fun learning the material and experimenting inside and out of the classroom.  Unfortunately, I grew out of liking science because lessons started to become dull and there was less and less hands on activities. Once I came to Penn Sate the last option on my mind for a major was science. I love the subject but I could never major in it. Once I found RPTM I fell in love with the major and I would never change it for anything different.