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Should the Government Allow People on Plans with Samsung Galaxy Note Seven’s?

With this phone there seems to be trouble.There are fires when plugged into the wall or outlet anywhere. Many of these phones if not all of them have been discontinued.Their batteries explode and it is very dangerous There has been many problems and one important one I want to get to the bottom of is why this seems to be happening and how science is related.


Should we use this type of phone on airplanes?

While reading an article from the FAA also known as the Federal Aviation Administration, it was talking about how people with this phone should not change or use it on an airplane, as this will risk it blowing up and catching on fire. The company of the phone had asked for the return of the phone and saying how the costumer safety is much more important then people buying our destructive product.In this USA today article it also talked about how people shouldn’t put the phone in their bags to be checked at airports either for safety reasons. They have told passengers not to take the phone onto plans as they have had cases where the planes have been damaged due to something happening with the phone. Many times this has happened due to the fact that the phone has been overheated and they don’t want that to happen on plans. So, they advise passengers not to have there phone turned on for the duration of the flight.


Personal Example:
This is important to know this information and it reminded me about when my dad got a hover-bored from his work. We had to be very cautious and make sure that we stood by when it was charging because we have heard from other people that the same thing would happen. While it was charging the outlet would get over heated and it could catch on fire. Luckily this had never happened to my family however, we still were very cautious and made sure to be careful and keep an eye on it while charger. This is the same thing that people needed to do with this phone. Keep a close watchful eye.



Why is this happening? How Come they are Exploding?
While researching I have read many article but there was one that talked about how it’s the fault of Samsung its self. They have had many different cases of phones that exploded because of the battery. What could Samsung possible have done to have so many problems with their phones? In a statement made my Samsung there has been an intermittent business error. The phone has had many problems with over heating which causes the fires. There is some science that plays a part in the batteries inside the phone. There is a main reason that batteries in phones get over heated and it leads to science.


How Science Comes into Play?
The elements of science and the periodic table play a role in the batteries inside the Samsung Galaxy Note Seven phone.The component is called Lithium and it’s a metallic that can be dangerous if it catches water. This battery in this phone could have bad electric and it caused fires. When the battery gets over headed and the lithium can’t shut off the battery gets dead and the phone overheats causing fires that way.

There have been many problems with the Samsung Note Seven that has lead to many fires. The overheating of the phone is a problem that has came up in many of the articles that I have read. One important part of this is that it’s not a good idea to bring this phone onto airplanes. There have been many problems and plans have gotten damaged because of the phones. Samsung has asked if anyone has this phone that do to the safety of the costumers they return it. Also, science plays a part in the batteries of these phones and Lithium plays a big part and is an element that when connected with water could cause a fire. Please if anyway has this phone please be careful and return it and don’t bring it on airplanes or put in your check in bags.



Can Humans Live Forever Through Eyes of Technology?

For me the thought of passing on to the next life makes me scared. It could happen at any time and it just happens.People get sick, people grow old, or it just seems to be there time.Can human’s even live forever? This is something that I say I want because I’m scared to die but what does science say about this topic and if we can’t live forever what happens to us? Where do we go? Could technology help in the process of us living longer? If so how does it play a role?


What scientists Say about Humans Living forever?

For many years scientists have been trying to undercover the secrets as to how people are living to be over 100 years old. According to the Actile by 2050 high tech medicine will help increase the number of people living. Many big companies are putting in millions of dollars to help solve the huge mystery problem of people growing old. Growing old and the body processing we just need to drudge the process and we can potentially live forever. People are tending to live much longer than usual but there is still the fear of getting certain diseases, as people grow older like for example, dementia. For scientist they have to research and figure out ways that they can turn death and stop the process of again. According to the article there was One-way in particular that I found that worked and really made me what to read more and that was the Vampire. This was when the scientist would take the blood and relocates it from youthful to aged bodies.


Studies Done:
There was studies done on animals such as mice first to see if there life expectance would rise which it did, now they are going to be testing the drugs on humans to see if it improves there live expectance as well. There was a different study done at a college that gave blood from youth to people with dementia to see if it could be the flip-flop to ageing the scientist believes it could be the answer.

What is The Next Step?
Scientists are trying to figure out how to live longer. However, while the scientists are trying to conclude this what is the next step? The world is going to be a lot more different people are going to be living till 200 years old possibly but, there is steps set in motion for this to work. The places that people are working are going to be changing drastically. A rule of whom we can and can’t bring to work is going to change.


Life is very complicated and we may not be able to live forever there is ways to up our chances of living longer. Many technological advances to help, cures of diseases being discovered, transferring of blood to help the aging process, and our body growing each day. Staying happy and healthy is the best kind of cure and helps keep us going everyday. I may be scared to die but in the end if everybody does and I was the only one to still be living that wouldn’t be healthy. So we may not get to life forever but there are many ways to keep us going now and to keep us happy which happy people live longer.


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What Do Our Dreams Mean?

Have you ever gone to bed and woke up in the morning with a ridiculous dream and not know what the meaning is behind that dream? It has happened to me many times. Have you ever gone to sleep thinking that I won’t dream a single dream? Or how can I remember all my dreams? This has happened to me as well. For all of these questions and more I decided to dig deep into what our dreams mean to help me better understand my thought process while having dreams and why we wake up in the morning and we can’t recall a dream we had. Just like me many people in the world we have been trying to make sense of our dreams for a very long time.


Scientific Studies of Dreams:
While doing research I found an interesting article that talked about dreams from a scientific perspective. The article talked about how the evolution of technology plays a big part in how scientists can deceiver our dreams. According to the Medicaldaily there was a study that I found talking about how scientists view our dreams when we are sleeping. In this article it talked a diagnosis that was made about people who can remember their dreams. According to the article there was a 2011 Study, which had to do with high tech web and our brains, which play a big part in our dreams.

What dreams say about me? (From a Scientific Perspective)

When a person has a dream it has something to do with what they were thinking about or doing that day. There was a sample done from a group of fantasy workers and it talked about how people with great education would dream more of important things within work, For example, getting a raise. This fantasy website had a list of different dreams that people had it talked about what the dreams were saying. People who have what is called simple dreams tend to be better more rational thinking.

How our feelings play a part in our dreams?
Feelings are a big part of our everyday lives. They also play a big part in our dreams as well. It’s hard for scientists to be able to say exactly what our dreams say. Scientists come form a natural side of dreams and can tell from that but can’t tell exactly what they are saying. What we dream about and experience in our dreams might not be real but how we feel in our dreams and how we feel in real life verses fantasy in the dream is definitely real. How people act in dreams can tell a lot about the character they are. This doesn’t stand true for everyone it has a line between human behavior and fantasizing. There was a study done about REM and sleeping and how our feelings connect to our everyday lives. Feelings play a huge role in our dreams and can tell a lot about a person during the dream.

I have leaned and concluded a lot about dreams from this article. Technology has played a huge part in the evolution of dreams. Scientists can deceiver our dreams to a point. Emotions play a huge part in our dreams and can say a lot about a person. However, in reality our dreams vary from person to person and it’s hard for scientists to say exactly what dreams mean.