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High school killed science

Hi, my name is Tyler Confair, and I am a freshman. I am one of the few commuters as a freshman attending Penn State University. I am going to be majoring in Professional Golf Management and plan to work with merchandise. I only live about fifty minutes away in a small town called Jersey Shore, PA. It is not as bad as I thought it was considering I have no Friday classes. Assuming that everyone thought of the show when I said Jersey Shore, the school got a couple of the members to come meet everyone. The reason they didn’t come was that they did not have anywhere to party at. Something that is a big deal around the town is the Little League World Series which is currently going on.

When I was scheduling my classes with my advisor, she told asked me if I liked science. I told her I hated it because of the teachers I have had in the past. They never made the class exciting because it seemed as if their paycheck was more important then having fun with everyone. It was a bland class and I hated every minute of it. Once I stopped ranting about my old high school teachers, she told me Andrew was the guy to have to change my view on  science. I kind of just figured she was just trying to get me to pick something so she could get out of the room faster or just did not want to hear anything else I had to say. So, after seeing the syllabus and seeing what he expects out of us makes me very excited to finally enjoy a class I have always disliked. He lets us control what we learn and if we do not like it, we have the ability to pick something everyone likes. I also need to apologize to my advisor for not believing in what she said about him because she definitely proved me wrong.

Like said before, science is not my thing but I have always been interested into learning new things scientist find or create. Maybe it was all the stupid labs the teachers made us do and did not relate to anything we were discussing in class. I just knew I was ready to get out of my science class as soon as I walked in to start it. Golf deals with a lot of science, and it is not the science he is goiImage result for golf and scienceng to teach us sadly. That would pretty cool if he started to talk about “how to perfect golf.” Which will never happen. I also have a thing for the supernatural and what could be beyond the planet. Will there be a
day when we finally reach contact with another life form, with the technology rapidly growing and with more scientist trying to solve the same question. It will happen one day, and I do not know what to expect when it does if I am alive. Here is a link explaining this thought What if extraterrestrial observers called, but nobody heard?

I just hope I get the chance to finally enjoy science and learn new and exciting things that are currently being viewed by scientist. I also want to get a better perspective on extrterrestrial life and what scientist know so far. Even though I do not like science at the moment, I think Andrew is going to make sure I leave satisfied with taking his class.