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My first experience drive a PICKUP!

In my country, people don’t drive Pickup often as people in the US do. I didn’t have a chance to drive a Pickup in my life. But things different for this winter break. My friend rented a pickup for a long distance journey during this winter break. It is exciting for me because I love cars since I was a child. I have experienced different kind of cars like the sports car, SUVs, convertible, coupe, etc. I never have a chance to drive a Pickup in person.

When I just saw this giant Pickup, I can’t wait to test drive it and make a picture with it.

It is my first experience driving a giant car like this. It is super comfortable! The handling and posture are quite good!

Soon we have a long distance trip with this car. I found every car on the express become much smaller. Escalade was the huge car to me, but now it seems much smaller and shorter.

It is my dream to go a long distance trip with a Pickup like the Video shows. This kind of travel gives me the feeling of infinite possibilities and unlimited freedom. I can go to any place I want to go and do what I want to do. The huge space of the pickup allows me to bring all the things I want to bring. I hope that one day I will open a pickup truck to travel around the world.

Why People like to buy expansive thing?

Due to the benefits of globalization, our society is more and more variety. We have different races live together, there are different kind of housing unit people can live, even for a single water bottle, we have a different brand and the different price for it. People can buy 15 dollars Hanes, and they can wear several thousand Burberry coat. People facing a choice every single day, but if a person has the enough financial situation, he/she may tend to buy the broad one even the thing he/she buy are almost the same. Why does this phenomenon happen?
According to Vanessa Page’s research, there are several reasons for why people tend to buy luxury goods. The first one is consumers are not always rational when they buy stuff! Some people wait overnight for buy an iPhone even Samsung have better feature and technology, even XiaomMi offered far lower price. XiaoMi and Samsung have all the functin iPhone do, but why people still buy IPhone, not Samsung or XiaoMi? People think the non-luxury goods are inferior. Other people concentrate on more money means better quality even it is not.


The second reason for this is Self-Esteem. In China, young people feel shame take a XiaoMi cell phone out; even the quality are the same as iPhone even better. But Xiaomi is not as expansive as iPhone do, young people think to take a Xiaomi is showed they are poor people. They loan money from the bank to buy iPhone that will makes them looks rich; even they know it may lower their quality of life. Also, that maybe the reason why rich people buy BMW, not Hyundai. Even these two brand have almost the same function. Ordinary citizens need a car to ride instead of walking, what is the difference of 20,000 dollars Hyundai and 100,000 dollars BMW?

Sometimes weather people financially comfortable or not, they tend to buy the broad one to show off, or get acceptance of others to make others think ‘Oh, this guy is so rich!’. To make them more trust they are a discerning buyer, they convince themselves that more expansive things have better quality.

I have a friend, his father loan money from the bank to buy a Porsche to show off. The reason his father said is Bentley is more comfortable, and the quality is excellent. If he buys a Hyundai, it may need maintenance all the time, and it cost a lot. But the truth is Porsche’s quality is worse than Hyundai, and the maintenance fee is a lot of higher than Hyundai. And this car makes his family’s financial situation worse, even affct their normal life. Is that worth?

I am not saying buy a luxury good means irrational consume, but if you overdrew your band account, which happens a lot in an Asian country, to buy luxury good it may be irrational consume.

Here are a Youtube video talks about what is irrational consumer behavior, it may help you understand what exactly is irrational consumer behavior.

Why does Asian Bubble happens?

I am a Chinese, and I was always live in China before I go to college. When my freshmen year of college life, I found out that almost all my friends are Asian, more exactly is East Asian who share the same culture and appearance with me. My friends also only have Asian friends. I do know some American friends, but not so familiar, just know each other and say hi to each other when we meet on the street. When I go to campus cafeteria, I found an interesting thing that there is East Asian sat with East Asian, Arabian sat with Arabian; Black sat with Black, and White sat with White in most case. That is the Bubble. I am Chinese, and I am sinking in Asian Bubble.hqdefault

Why does that happen? Before I came to the United States, I told myself thousands of times that I need to be more outgoing and sociable. I need to spend more time to hang out with people not same races with me, but I still sinking in Asian Bubble now. I know the disadvantage of Asian Bubble. It is not okay for me to know American culture and find out more about the country. Here is an article talks about the Asian Bubble. This article thinks the Bubble things like Asian Bubble is kind of Self-Segregation. I totally agree with that.

When I first come to the United States, I was eager to have more different races friends. Because of the international student’s orientation, I know lots of Chinese and Korean friends, and they always are with me. I tried to talk with other races people, and be friends with them. But, I gradually feel it is so hard for me. As a Chinese man born and bred, I feel I know nothing about American culture, and sometimes I don’t understand what they talk about. I cannot get their jokes, and some pop words. But, when I am with Asian, we almost share the same culture, so I know a lot about how to make friend with them. For Chinese, We speak the same language which makes us so easy to be a friend and we feel comfortable to be with each other, because we know each other much more. For my Korean friends, we must talk in English, but we share the almost same culture, we do understand each joke even we need to translate in English. Almost like Chinese, Korean knows what I said. I still remember, last time I want to say twenty-two to my Korean friend, by mistake, I said twelve-two; the thing surprised me is that he understand what I am talking about, and he did not even found out that I am wrong. People all feel more comfortable to hang out with the people who can understand them. I guess this is the reason that why Asian Bubble happens. This article totally proved my idea about the Asian Bubble.cultural-interaction-250x250

From my perspective and the Chinese I know, there is also the language barrier that promotes the form of Asian Bubble. I know lots of Chinese think their English are not good enough to talk with English speakers, and they feel shy to talk to them. They believe that they will get discriminated by English speakers just because they cannot speak English fluently. So, they began to stay in Asian bubble, and they feel more comfortable to stay in Asian Bubble, then they will never leave Asian Bubble. This fun youtube video using a funny way to explain this.

Why people keep and join smoking cigarettes even they know it hurts

Cigarettes have been a worldwide problem. We can see people smoke everywhere on the street. Smokers always said they would quit smoke, but they barely success and the still enormous number of people pick up this habit every year. Why does this happen? Even for me, I am a smoker, and I smoke about ten cigarettes per day before I came to college, now I only smoke 3 or 4 per day because my girlfriend set a strict limit on some cigarettes for me. As a cigarettes smoker, I feel hard for me to quit, not just the addiction for nicotine but other factors.
I still remember one of my friends said people must get addicted to something in his/her life. I am not judge if this is right, but people did do that. Someone addicted to alcohol; someone addicted to reading; someone addicted to painting, and someone addicted to video games, etc. For me, I chose to addict to cigarettes; I like to smoke cigarettes, and I am not afraid to get addicted to it.

Business colleagues on a smoke break outside the office

Business colleagues on a smoke break outside the office

From my experience, one of the reasons why so many people still join smoke is teenagers think smoking is a cool thing. The first touch of cigarettes is because I am out of curiosity for smoking cigarettes and it looks so cool. I want to know why so many people like it, so I tried it once, and It makes me keep a cough; I don’t like this thing in my first experience. It tastes just like burning grasses. Since that I did not touch cigarettes in one year, until one party my friend give one cigarette to me. I said I don’t like this, and my friend said, oh man! Why don’t you smoke? That is not cool! Then, he showed me how to smoke; I am a young boy of high self-respect, and I tried it serval times. Finally, I did like this felling. I began to think it is a cool thing to do. During a class break, several friends gathering at the restroom to smoke together, it feels so good, not the cigarettes but the feeling you think everyone thinks you are a cool guy, even the truth is most of them thinks you are a dumb. Here is an article to explicitly describe such action and mentality.

There are other reasons for people don’t want to or make them can’t quit smoke. The reason smoke is kind of social contact that can make people more quickly to get close with other. Here is the article talks about social smoking.

Form my experience; I was a shy boy before I smoke. I barely talk to strangers; the first reason is I am too shy to talk to them, and the other reason is I have nothing to talk with them. Before I smoke a cigarette, I only have a few friends, and I don’t even want to have more friends. After the smoke, I become more sociable. When I see my friend bring his friends to a party, I can just give them my cigarettes and smoke together; that makes me seems easier going and friendly. The most important thing is when we smoke together, we have more common words to talk, that is easier for me to make new friends. Even, I know smoke is not good for me, I still do it because it can provide me more positive effect than bad. I become more sociable and outgoing. Now, when I talk to people I don’t familiar with I

have more confidence, and I know better how to talk with people. That is permanently good thing cigarette brings to me. In China, most of the business meeting will have cigarettes, because that makes them more comfortable to talk; that has become current of the times. When you ask someone to do a favor for you, bring a cigarette will always make it easier.

In conclusion, I do not encourage people to smoke cigarettes; I just expound my views toward cigarettes, and the benefits it brings to me. Also, that explained why it is so hard for a smoker to quit smoking.

What affect human’s height?

I am a person like to travel all over the world, and I have been to several countries like China, United States, Thailand, Holland and Japan. Except enjoy the beauty of these countries, I found a fun phenomenon that these countries citizens height are significantly different. Like Dutch people are the tallest people I ever see in general; the Japanese’s height are the shortest in these countries. And I found out that White people’s average height is taller than Asian people. Does people’s height entirely depend on their race?

To make sure this is not base my judgment on intuition, I did some research about people’s height all the continents. This graph is the height development by World Regions – Baten & Blum (2012) 0. Carefully analyze the data, it shows the North America/Au/Nz have the tallest height, Africa in the middle, and almost all regions in Asia are at the bottom of the  data set. This analysis shows people in North America taller than Europe, Europe taller than Africa, and Africa taller than Asia. height-development-by-world-regions-interpolation-baten-blum-2012-0-579x500

So, we can see the people’s height is significantly different from continents to continents. But does that means White people taller than Black, and Asian are the shortest?  The actual situation may not like this. In the United States which made up the most population in North America, there are only 62.6% citizens are White. Rest of population is other races, and the average height of North America is taller than Europe, where a white people lived. And Asian’s height are significantly shorter than North American and Europe. Combine this information, races did affect human’s height, but what else have an effect on height?

For better know what else change the person’s height, I did some research to find out. Here is an article talks about genetic things and nutrition affect human’s height. Scientists made experiments shows height is 60 to 80 percents determined by the genetic stuff. It is not hard to explain this; you must notice that if person’s family members are all tall guys, this person probably be a big guy at least not short. In opposite, If the guy’s family members are not so big, this guy will have a small chance to be a tall man. This genetic factor of determined how a person’s height situation have been using by police. We can see this from the news or some television drama that police took the criminal’s DNA and test criminal’s height and race. The other primary factor is nutrition; it took 20 to 40 percents of your size. Obvious, human needs various and a host of nutrition to grow their body, once the food satisfies the body’s needs, people will grow taller. We can see African Americans are usually taller than Africans, on of the reason is the African Americans have a better diet than Africans in general. Here is an article shows how much nutrition children need to grow healthy

In conclusion, races do affect people’s height but more importantly is the genetic factors and the nutrition. There may not be the only factors determine human’s height, and there may have third variables that need to be discover. The genetic things have an impact on a significant part of human’s height. But enough food may improve your height. So you want to become taller? Eat more food and balance your diet!

Why does new born baby cry?

I know new born baby would cry a lot. Even they cry, they look so cute and lovely. But I never think about why the baby would cry soon after they born. Sometimes, people just think maybe they just come to the world and not familiar with the world, and they don’t know what is going on, then they feel nervous about the situation. Or, maybe it is they just feel pain, unhappy or fear to leave their ‘old home’-mom’s body. Is the actual situation like this?crying-aby-with-hands-on-head

Last year, my older sister got married. Soon she has a cute baby. I waited at the hospital, while my sister gave birth. Soon, my nephew comes to the world. He is the most active and adorable baby I ever see. But he was always cried; I start to worry about him. But my sister seems happy, and she said that neonatal infants cry the sign that the baby is healthy. I don’t understand why this could mean the baby is healthy; I ask my sister, she didn’t know why and she just said people and doctors said that.

When I go back to home, I start to search why neonatal infants would cry and why that means the baby is healthy.

I did lots of research, and the consequence made me know more about newborn infants. According to George Malcolm Morley research, the babies don’t breathe in their mom’s womb, and their lung is air free. After birth, as the stimulation of cold air the infant’s breath themselves, to breathe oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide. This process makes their chest cavity bigger and opens their pulmonary lobe,  which makes the air go through infants body easier. When air comes to infants body, the chest cavity gets smaller and push out the air that just breathed in. When air be pushed out, the air shock the vocal cords which caused the vibration of vocal cords. This vibration will make a sound seems like infants are crying.

The babies cry shows their body are healthy and well worked. The louder babies cry, the more health their body are. Because babies cry is a hard process for them to do, it will need 80 percents muscles to make you cry; also it can means they can breathe their own, same as cry, breathe is a very hard process. This video shows how complex human’s Respiratory System are. If infants can cry which means their Respiratory System is working well, and this, of course, is a symbol of healthy. respiratory_system

That explain why we know when the newborn infant doesn’t cry; the nurses will try everything to make he/she cry. If a newborn baby doesn’t cry which may because the amniotic fluid in their lung is not discharged, the nurses will try everything to put amniotic fluid out and make infants cry. But if it still doesn’t work or the infant cry slightly, it may represent that the baby has some congenital diseases. More seriously would lead to the death. Here is the video shows the baby doesn’t cry, and nurse have tried everything to make him cry but it seems doesn’t work. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, the Lord took him New Year’s day of 2010.

Newborn baby cry means he/she is healthy and organization well worked. As I list information here, it clearly shows that what people will fell happy if their babies cry after birth, and why they nervous if the baby doesn’t cry.

I have no interest with science

Hi, everybody. My name is Wencong Wang, I also happy people call my English name Vincent. I am an international student from China. I am glad that I have the chance to study abroad. My high school is an international high school, I have learned some science classes like chemistry and biology in my high school. I got awful grades on both science classes. The reason is I don’t like science and I have no interest in science. The professional vocabularies and complex formula drove me crazy! I am more interesting in business; I am in the Division of Undergraduate Studies for now. But I am considering change my major into Smeal College of Business. The only reason why I chose science class is I have to take a science course in order to graduate, and my advisor told me that if I don’t good at science, this course is the best choice for me. That is why I here. I am extremely interested in business. I opened a fitness center with my friends during my high school sophomore year.


Here is the picture of my fitness center looks like. The extreme love in business drove me to do business in my high school. I run a business in partnership with my friends. We run the gym successfully. I hope one day I can be enrolled in Smeal College. For a better life, people need to plan their future to get success. Plan your future from now can make your life easier and achieve more. If you want to know how to plan your future click here.