We used to have a great way of looking at everyone’s contributions. Then sites@PSU ‘up’graded the system and…well….

So, if you are a student on the 2016 course and you want to see what and how much you’ve posted, do it this way.

Log in to the SIOWfa16 site, go to your SIOWfa16 Dashboard (make sure it is not the Dashboard to any other site you might have) and then:

To see a list of your posts, go to Posts, and if it has not defaulted to you, select Mine. Note that you can toggle with the date range.

To see a list of your comments, on the SIOWfa16 Dashboard, go to Comments and then search comments for yourself.  No date range there, so if you want to count within a blog period, make sure you pay attention to the date stamp.

I know. I wish it were better too. It used to be (2010-2015 RIP). The folks at sites@psu seem to equate ‘up’grade with ‘de’grade.

Last updated Sept 7, 2016

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