The end

marathon winner 2.jpegMy worst fears for the final exam were not realized. The performance train smash of the first tests did not recur. Faced with an exam worth 20% of the final mark, the students really worked hard and many did outstandingly well.  Some of the improvements across the semester were staggering.  I bet many of the students are now wondering what all the fuss was about.  And I hope more than a few are thinking, ‘yes, he was right – we learn from tests’.  The best comment:

The first test I took for this class I would have never imagined on ever getting an A. I remember you saying at the beginning of the semester, the questions won’t get easier but you will get better. And you were right.

Anyhow, the break down:
Final ‘Take home’ test:  A: 32; A-, 7; B+, 6; B, 7; B-, 1; C+, 2; C, 4; D, 1; Fail, 7 (including six no-shows).

Which means for the grades overall:
A: 24; A-, 19; B+, 10; B, 2; B-, 2; C+, 2; C, 2; D, 1; Fail, 4; Withdrawn, 2.


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