The point of it all

Nine months later, and we’re off again. The second iteration of SC200 starts in two days. goal-target.jpg

I used to teach scientists science.  Now I find myself totally engrossed in teaching non-scientists science.  It is way more fun, but it also feels way more important.  I have been wondering why. Sure, the course has the totally worthy goal of making the citizens and leaders of the future better consumers of science by increasing scientific literacy.  But I think there is even more to it than that.
I learned last year that teaching non-science students how to think critically about science is a very, very good way of teaching critical thinking in general.  
On this course, there are no facts I have to get across, no vocational knowledge required. It’s all about thinking at its barest.
The very point of university.

1 thought on “The point of it all

  1. Suzanne Zakaria


    I agree with you when you say that this class is about thinking at its barest. There is no memorization formula; it’s all about critical thinking and analysis. Perhaps your experience teaching science to non-scientists was particularly satisfying because it allowed you to explain seemingly intricate theories in simpler terms, causing you to work through the harder problems in the process.


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