Blog Period 3

Maybe it’s the end of semester-itis, but I was pretty disappointed with the final blog period.  Perhaps I shouldn’t expect it to be any other way.  A few students were going all out to boost their marks, but since I take the best mark from the three periods, the well organized stuck with their marks from earlier blog periods. This means the final blog period was dominated by students who have left things to the last minute [112 entries posted in the final 24 hours!], a recipe which does not guarantee a good reading.

Still, there was some quality hidden in the deluge (e.g. cold, bipolar, neuro-marketing), not least among those trying to deal with Sandusky scandal (Mob mentality, you?). I also wish I’d got to know Caroline, who wins the prize for consistently wacky posts (notables: 1, 2)
I gave extra credit for Rachel’s perfection and Jordan’s valid vitamin critique and her subsequent attempt to figure out what went wrong
The bottom line:
A, 1; A-, 15; B+, 8; B, 9; B-, 7; C+, 7; C, 4; D, 2, Fails: 9 participants; 37 no-participants.

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