The final exam

Fin.jpgClass average: 76%.  Twelve students got an A, including 6 with 100%.  No one got everything right; three students got 26/28 [recall I ask 28 questions and mark out of 25].  A further 13 students got an A-. The rest: B+, 8: B, 15; B-, 3; C+, 7; C, 8; D, 18; Fail: 14, including 2 no shows.  

Class: In a few hours, I get on a plane to Norway to do a PhD exam so I do not have time to post fully on the exam.  I’ll do it over the Christmas Break. But for now, the questions on the media report were generally well handled (Andrew pleased). The first half of the test was brutal on those absent from class over the last few weeks (Andrew also pleased).  Incredibly, 43% of the class still think data can be made to fit any hypothesis (Andrew near suicidal). 
More later.

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