The final grade

Class average, 87% (B+).  Breakdown:  A, 19 (including 4 students with >100%, and 11 >98%); A-, 35; B+, 12; B, 13, B-, 5; C+, 7; C, 5; D, 2; Fail: 1.

Overall class averages for the sections:  Blog, 57%, Class test, 72%, Attendance, 73%, and Final Exam, 76%.  How can those low scores give an overall average of 87%? That just shows that there are lots of ways to get a good grade in this class. Very high performance in one section can offset mediocre performance in another.  Some folk were stunningly good in the exams and didn’t blog much.  Others blogged extraordinarily well but were pretty average on the tests….and some were, well, spectacular across the board.
The average extra credit was 2.8%, largely consisting of the 2.5% I gave for the return rate on the SRTE (in the end, a very impressive 85.9%).  I guess those dozen free-loading students who couldn’t be bothered doing the SRTE won’t be bothered reading this, but they should be grateful. Eleven students got additional extra credit, some for unforgettable blog posts, some for exam questions I used in the final, some for being first to find the (extremely rare) mistakes in my tests.
OK, I really do have a plane to catch. When I get back, I’ll post reflections on the 2011 course and what I am thinking of doing differently next year.
Meantime: most of you, thanks so much for a fun time.  If America’s future is the hands of those of you who got involved in this course, all will be well.  Have a good break, and best of luck for 2012.
Don’t stop thinking.

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