The final mystery


  • 1000 entries and 2,358 comments on the class blog,
  • 114,000 page views by 52,000 unique visitors from 170 countries,
  • a Nobel Prize winner, a Dean, a President, four Professors and a journalist,
  • 140 multiple choice questions, 
  • 28 polls, 1,800 votes and 502 texts to the comment wall, 
  • 37.5 hours of class room time and 20 hours of revision tutorials,
  • c.300 powerpoint slides, 30 u-tube videos and hundreds of websites
  • a fire alarm, an earthquake, a child molestation scandal,
  • a car crash and a withdrawal

…SC200 2011 is done.  Did it make a difference? 

Mystery mollusc  Photo credit: MBARI/MBNMS
I’ll go back to normal teaching when it stops making a difference to me.

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