Class Test 4

Class average excluding the students who did not do the test, was 77.5% (C+), slightly down on class tests 12 and 3A, 22; A-, 19; B+, 9; B, 7; B-, 13, C+, 16; C, 9; D, 29; Fails, 16, and a further 28 no-shows. No one got everything right, but 12 students got 100% given my grading algorithm.


The part of the test which deals with interpreting a science story from the media was generally well handled. The part of the test involving material covered in class was not. Most poor was the question about what mainstream climate scientists argue about. Climate scientists agree the earth is warming, that CO2 levels are rising, and that CO2 levels are rising because of the burning of fossil fuels. Most students thought scientists are still arguing about those things. They are not. What climate scientists argue about are the models linking the CO2 to the temperature gains. Tom Mallouk went over that in class. I even interrupted him to summarize it. And it is clear from his handout. I guess that points to the power of politically motivated arguments in the media drowning out the science. Must make more of this next year.

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