Nobel gold

Peter Agre, Nobel Prize Chemistry 2003, came to talk to the class. 

As a fellow scientist, it was really inspiring.
Peter 2.jpg
As a teacher, it was phenomenal. Look at the smiles.
Peter + class.jpg
(Peter assured me he was having a good time).
Why do Nobel prize winners come to talk to my class (2010, 2011)? Because they, like me, know it does not get more important than the students in my class. Few science students will run the world: they are geeks. But SC200 students will. These folk will become leaders in business, media, politics…  these people matter. 
I have no trouble persuading Nobel laureates of this. But how can I make the students realize that is why the class matters?
Thanks so much to the Eberly College of Science and the Huck Institute for the Life Sciences for sponsoring Peter’s visit. And to Peter, for his enthusiasm in the face of health challenges. Tremendous good was done.

Peter + whole class.jpg
Peter + class 6.jpg
Peter + class 8.jpg
Peter + class 9.jpg
The secret to winning a Nobel, according to Peter? Marry well.

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