Blog Period 3, 2013

When reporting on the last two blog periods (1, 2), there were some excellent posts, but actually rather. I found myself scratching around to provide examples of outstanding work. This blog period, there were lots to chose from.
On so many personal levels, I really enjoyed Rejection. It is always good to someone out there is listening and thinking. And Mantis Shrimp is in a league of its own as a piece of fun writing. I gave that extra credit.
The average grade among those who participated enough to pass was 81.1%, up a few points on the previous two blog periods. Three students got an A, 5 got A-, 13 B+, 14 B, 18 B-, 14 C+, 10 C, 5 D, with 25 fails and 56 no shows.
Really special were the outstanding improvements. Some students increased their grades by more than 20% – one even by 30%. I am really pleased with those students. They seem to have taken the feedback on board, consulted with Kira and Ethan, and really lifted their game. One of the things it is all about.

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