Overall Class Test grade, 2013

There are four class tests in the semester; for each student, I take the average of the best two grades of the four to calculate the final class test score, which is worth 26% of the final grade.

The overall average is 84%. The grade distribution breaks down as follows. A, 27 students; A-, 39; B+, 9; B, 18, B-, 21; C+, 23; C, 11; D, 12, Fail, 3 + one no show. So 40% of the class got an A or an A-. Two students got a score of 100% on my grading algorithm, but no one got everything correct in any test.
That is down on 2012, when 55% of the class got an A or an A-. Again, I can’t figure out why. I don’t think the questions were any harder this year. In a subsequent blog, when I get a few minutes to think, I’ll ponder what happened this year.

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