Customer Satisfaction 2. The verbals

The end of semester student surveys generate numbers, which are of limited value in my opinion. The open-ended questions generate the gems.


My favorite positives:
  • I found this course very interesting, and because of it, I am now a much more critical thinker!… All the resources I needed to succeed were given to me.
  • Andrew was great
  • Andrew’s explanations and the way he manages the class are phenomenal
  • Andrew’s incredible enthusiasm
  • Andrew’s personal interest in the material and his character while teaching.
  • Your open mind
  • Entertaining and off beat lessons helped bring the true ‘lessons behind the lessons’ to life
  • the relevant topics kept me interested such as cell phones causing breast cancer
  • Professor Reed (sic) is incredibly engaging. The topics made me want to go to class but also made me want to BRAG about getting to go.
  • The way that Andrew explained how to think through a problem has helped me in many other courses and even in everyday life.
  • We mostly talked about the same basic scientific concepts and idea, but using different discussions about varying facts and topics made it easy to see how the same idea fitted into different things.
  • What helped me [learn] most I think was the topics being interesting they all made you think.
  • Even as a kid who sits in the back and isn’t always focused I would always be thinking about the topics in the back of my mind.
  • The professor. Andrew was really cool.
  • The lectures are super interesting which helped me understand the concepts better.
  • The professor had a good system for asking questions – you could raise your hand or text into the comment wall. I liked that and the way he was willing to stop class and answer any questions thoroughly or until the person asking the question understood.
  • The most helpful thing was the actual lectures. The notes were a base but what Andrew actually described was what needed to be grasped.
  • I am not a science major but this class was very interesting to me. It forced me to look things up I was interested in but never had time to sit down and research them.
  • Professor Read did an impeccable job of preparing the course in such a way that I as a student genuinely looked forward to class…there was never a class from which I left where I did not fully understand what was discussed.
  • This course forced me how to think critically, which will overall help in everyday life.
  • Professor Read was one of my favorite professors that I’ve had at Penn State. He constantly engaged the class with interesting, informative lectures. Yet the class was also entertaining as Professor Read kept the mood light and friendly.

Among the most notable negatives

  • I don’t think I really learned anything in this class
  • This course basically taught me that no electives are easy. I took this as an easy credit and it ended up being the most annoying class I’ve ever taken in terms of the tests and the homework.
  • I learned nothing. The class isn’t important because it does not prepare any student for the tests
  • Honestly, this course made me cry and at times i felt ‘not so smart’ and tried and tried but never met the goal I set for myself
  • Nothing [helped me learn]. While the materials had the potential to be interesting, it wasn’t of interest to me.
  • There needs to be more clarity on the topics and better notes. The test are way too hard.
  • This was such a hard course
  • Blog grading unfair… exam questions biased to teacher.
  • What is the point of notes if they are not going to help us take the tests? I understand they are supposed to help us think critically, but its like we have to take the test choosing the right answers the professor wants us to pick. It is extremely difficult.
  • The exams are extremely tough. I found myself studying for days and still receiving poor grades.
  • Exams are unrealistically hard.
  • I hated the structure of the course. Doing class blogs was tedious and did not teach me anything.
  • [To help me learn, I need] more important topics, the class is filled with fluff. I did not like that.
  • I went to class almost every week and still found the exams to be the hardest I’ve taken in my three years here.
  • The tests in this course were designed for people to fail…. I would NEVER recommend this course to anyone.
  • I understand he is trying to get us to think but I think they can be bias toward people of various ways of thinking
  • The grading system is disorganized and unfair.
  • The tests are ambiguous and just silly
  • My biggest concern is the grading…for future classes, it needs to me more achievable to receive a good grade.
  • The exams are impossible
  • The exams are absolutely absurd
  • The exams taught me nothing. I don’t know how people do well on them. They are way too difficult for the course. I kind of gave on this course towards the end because it was just ridiculous.
  • More lenient grading [would help me learn].
  • …Finally, not tapeworms. Gross!

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