How many blog posts and comments?

pulling hair outGeneticist Steve Jones claims the question professors hate most is ‘will it be in the exam?’ I agree: it is such soul destroying question. But a close second on my course is ‘how many posts and comments do I need for Blog period X?’

The answer is in the syllabus, but no one reads that, or listens in class when I say. It’s easier to email the professor or text the comment wall.  Great thing about blogs is I can write one post (this one) and then link to it forever… So here is my final word on this topic for 2014:

To get an A for frequency of participation (just one element of the blog grading algorithm – see syllabus), students need to do >1 entry per week, and >3 comments per week. It doesn’t matter when they get done during the blog period (but seriously, leaving them all to the last minute guarantees they won’t be good – doing them weekly is a good strategy). Here’s how the math drops out:

Blog Period 1: 4 weeks, (4 x 1) + 1 = 5 posts; (4 x 3) + 1 = 13 comments
Blog Period 2: 5 weeks, (5 x 1) + 1 = 6 posts; (5 x 3) + 1 = 16 comments
Blog Period 3: 5 weeks, (5 x 1) + 1 = 6 posts; (5 x 3) + 1 = 16 comments.

End of story. THE END.

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