Combat in the classroom 3.

There is a student who always arrives late. She has an earlier class somewhere far away. I noticed her because she’d taken to sitting on the floor at the back where there are no chairs. Sometimes she’s in her army uniform, and that just didn’t seem right on the floor. She seemed relaxed about it, but when I asked during a pop quiz why she didn’t sit in the many spare seats, she told me she liked the space in the aisle, and she hated the whispering going on in the regular seats. I suggested she try sitting at the front. And she is now. She comes in late, but slides down the side and sits right in front. She asked a question of one of our outside speakers the other day. I was SO pleased. No whispering at the front. Space to think.

space-to-think-heroEveryone deserves that. Not least those who serve.

1 thought on “Combat in the classroom 3.

  1. Jesenia A Munoz

    Sitting in the front is working out for me! Keeps me off my phone and engaged.. Plus, I get the space I want and the quiet I need! Thank you for the suggestion and furthermore the observation.


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