Class Test 3: That's more like it…for much of the class

orang utanClass Test 3 ran yesterday. The class average among those who took the test was 83%, up 5% (half a grade) on the second test, and almost an entire grade on the first test. But as always, the average hardly captures the picture. Most gratifying was the number of great performances. No one got everything right, but five students got 26 out of 28 questions, and 16 got 100% on my ask-28-questions-grade-out-of-25 algorithm. Altogether, 33 students got an A, and another 33 got an A-. So 66 students got some sort of A, a third of the class. So much better than any of the previous tests — and maybe a record for any of the 19 class tests I have run so far (must check).

The rest of the grades broke out thus: 16 B+, 13 B, 25 B-, 18 C+, 24 C, 20 D, with 5 fails. Seven students failed to take the test despite reminder emails.

So this is all going in the right direction. As always, what to do about the students who are not doing well? Unless anyone suggests something else (and I am always, always open to better ideas), the best I can do is repeat what I said here and beg and implore students unhappy with their scores to come to the revision sessions I run. For those who came to a revision session last time and still did poorly, the recipe hasn’t changed. Keep at it. Revise, question, ask. Learning requires action. If it’s not yet working, keep going. I can help. But only if asked. If I could figure out how students could learn without effort, I would be very rich.

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