Blog Period 3, 2014

Overall, the graders were disappointed in this blog period: with a couple of exceptions, nothing really special happened. I guess the good bloggers had done their stuff in the previous blog periods and so were happy to stick with those earlier grades (I take the best of the three blog periods). Anyhow, just over half the students participated in the third blog period. The average grade was 65% for those who did anything, or 76% for those who did enough score >60%.

The distribution: No students got an A. Two students got A-,  6 B+, 8 B, 16 B-, 20 C+, 13, C-, 14 D, and 24 fails. The fails are people who did something, but only just.

The graders and I enjoyed The Evolution of Social Learning: A Darwinian Approach, a very lucid post on a challenging topic  and Yogurt and Diabetes. Fun too are the Benefits of Giving, and Cell phones drag down your GPA. The latter made me wonder about the wisdom of my actively encouraging cell phone use in the class with the Comment Wall and the cell phone polls…. Hopefully it is really a correlation does not equal causation thing. It’s gotta be reverse causation – or third variables……surely? Someone should do the experiment.

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