What are the most important things you learned?

My other favorite answers to this question on the 2014 course evaluation questionnaire (excluding those similar to the 2013 answers):

  • I now have an understanding of what contributes to global warming
  • I learned how to think harder than I ever had to before
  • I learned to question everything
  • I learned that science does apply in real life, who knew?
  • Scientists and science can actually be interesting to learn about and discover
  • Some of the things you wouldn’t think were science actually are
  • how to connect information learned in class to everyday occurrences/news outside of class
  • I realized I do not despise science as much as I thought
  • the difference between science and faith
  • Risk evaluation. Seriously, I’ll stop fearing drowning in a pool or dying in a plane crash
  • don’t accept something just because it is ‘established’
  • our intuition is lousy
  • I learned specifics on things that are normally not given a second thought e.g. how we learned smoking is bad for you, how vaccines work etc.
  • How negative science is
  • That not all science is dull
  • Science is beyond the normal science classes most of us are used to
  • Animals can be gay and aliens most likely exist
  • The difference between x and y.
  • I learned I actually enjoy science!
  • do not believe everything you read in the media.

Those  comments, like last year’s, make me glad I teach this course rather than teaching biology to biologists, important though that is. This feels much more impactful.

By way of balance, lessons the students learned that I worry about:

  • We know nothing about the world and science is entirely theories that are either correct or wrong, but we’ll never know if it is or not because nothing can be proven correct, so it all seems kinda pointless
  • I am not a science major I will never be a science major I now never plan on being a science major
  • I didn’t learn anything

Most concerning of all was the comment: The Australian accent is charming.  If the SRTE‘s weren’t anonymous, that student would be a straight fail.

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