Class Test 2 results

The second class test happened yesterday. The overall average among those who took the test was 77.4% (C+), up only slightly from Class Test 1. But the good news is the big jump in the number of students who did well – the numbers of A’s and A-‘s more than doubled.

Class Test2

It looks like a fair few of them were in the B’s last time and have moved up. There was also a big decrease in the number of C and C+’s, so many people went up (60% increased their grade from Class Test 1). But 40% went down, and there is still a big group of people on a D or failing. But most noticeable (alarming even), just look at the red bars. That’s no bell-curve. It’s a perfect W shape… One interpretation of that is that the class is in fact three classes: those that get it, those that don’t, and those that kinda do. Reaching all three student groups and keeping all three engaged…phew.

For the record, the actual numbers: A 51, A- 45, B+ 21, B 28, B- 40, C+ 26, C 19, D 63, Fails 45 with 10 no shows (oddly, most of those ten showed last time, and have good attendance records). Seventeen students got 100% on the ask-28-questions-grade-out-of-25 algorithm, and four of those got 26/28 (>100%). Nobody got everything right.

The students on a D or fail are the challenge. No doubt this second test has led some of them to despair – they just learned their poor showing in the first test was not just one of those things. Worse, I guess some students just fell into that fail category for the first time. Those are the students I have to reach today. I need to implore them review the tests, figure out what went wrong, and ask or come to the revision sessions. Getting poorly performing students to seize control of their own learning is, I have learned, one of the big challenges.

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