Flirting with failure

risk_failureWe now have a lot of grades in. Currently there are 60 students failing the class, and a further 12 just 5% away from that cliff.

It’s all due to the blogging. Almost all of the imperiled 72 have done no blogging at all, or feeble amounts. They’ve left it to the last blog period. Incredible. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong. Otherwise, it will be a brutal lesson in time management.

Roast stuffed chicken with vegetables

The distraction

What can I do to help? We’ll write to all 60 saying they will fail if they don’t blog (one year, a student claimed he thought it was optional). And I will lecture them in class on the need to start blogging now. If they leave it to one minute to midnight and then get sick, personal problems, computer glitches…

And I will talk about Thanksgiving. Most students figure they will catch up Thanksgiving week. They hardly ever do. Instead, they go home and collapse, enjoy the home cooking, TV and sleep. And then..well, then there are five days left in the busiest part of the year.

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