Blog Period 3 — the end

I am never sure what to make of the third blog period. I take the best of the three periods as the final grade. This means there are a bunch of people who leave it to the last minute and then post something half-assed because they never got their act together all semester. There are others who try very hard but haven’t done anything before so they have no feedback to work off and so struggle to do well. And then there are some who use the feedback on previous blog periods and blow it out of the water.

So, for what it is worth, the average score was 68.4% excluding the 153 students who did nothing because they had done very well earlier in semester or couldĀ not be bothered trying to improve their previously average attempts. The distribution broke down as A, 4; A-, 8: B+, 8; B, 30, B-, 18; C+, 37, C, 18; D, 17; Fail 36. If I get time, I’ll return to this post and give links to some of the excellent work we got this blog period.

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