Class Test 4

Finally, over a week after Class Test 4 actually happened, I get some time to post the results. Most notable, the class average (excluding the 45 no shows) was 87.4% (B+), up from the previous tests. But again, its the distribution that’s really impressive. Altogether, 121 students (over a third of the class) got an A, 94 of whom got 100% on my ask-28-questions-grade-out-of-25 algorithm (as always, no one got everything correct). You can clearly see from the graphic the steady student improvement across the semester (the y-axis is number of students). The distribution moves beautifully from a right skew to a left skew as time goes by. Dare I hope this is a sign of learning?
Class Test 4Still, 18 students failed and 12 got a D. Where were those students at the final review session?
final review sessionThis is the view at the final review session of the year, my last visual contact with students from the class of 2015. Only a few of these few were there because they did disastrously on the test. Most had done well and wanted to do better… Trying to get those who fail or get D’s to do something about it seems to be one of the insoluble problems of Gen Ed teaching.

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