More on rounding

Sudden thought at 6am prompted by a student who is 0.01% off an A…. Of course there are situations where rounding has to happen. It is the second decimal place.  The grading scale defined in my syllabus p.6 is

A 95-100%
A- 90-94.9%
B+ 87-89.9%
B 83-86.9%
B- 80-82.9%
C+ 75-79.9%
C 70-74.9%
D 60-69.9%
Fail <60

The gradebook works to two decimal places; my syllabus defines the cut-offs to one decimal place, meaning that I have to round second decimal places. Thus, 94.90-94.94% = 94.9%=A-; 94.95%-94.99%=95% = A.  So I was NOT wrong when I said in class that rounding happens, I was just wrong to say it happened at first decimal place.

Incredibly, this second decimal place issue did affect the grade of FOUR students, so we now have one more A, one more A- and two more B+’s than we did yesterday. Merry Christmas.

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