Extra credit for getting organized

This year I decided that part of my responsibility as an instructor was to try to develop good work habits in the students, not least time management. So I offered 1% extra credit to students who fulfilled the blogging requirement in Blog Period 1 and a further 2% if they got it done early.

(There are three Blog Periods, and I take the best score from three, so they don’t have to blog in the first period — but they would be nuts not to, since the required amount of work is least for the first Blog Period and the personalized feedback we give sets them up for a good score in Blog Period 2…. and, and, maybe most importantly, who [really, who?] would want to be working in Blog Period 3, the end of the semester when every other course has work that needs handing in, finals are looming and flu season sets in??????).

Incredibly, just 12% of the class managed to get the work done early. More amazing, 40% of the class did not do the required work.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why students need to be taught time management. procrastinate-now-and-panic-later-20

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