Extra credit calculations: when FAIL is not a fail.

This is a generic answer to the emails we are getting about the extra credit on Angel.

OK, you asked: Extra credit is up to a total of 10% (syllabus p.4). We have to enter it into the Extra Credit category in Angel.  Angel calculates scores in each category out of 100. The categories are added together to get the overall grade using the weighting algorithm (syllabus p.4).  Thus, when we award 1% extra credit, it has to be entered as 10% within Extra Credit category ([10/100]*0.1=1%). That means that when you earn, for example, 1% extra credit, we add 10% to the Extra Credit category. That shows with a great big (and very disheartening) FAIL sign next to it if you have less than 6% extra credit. That is because Angel knows that on this course, anything below 60% is a fail (and it is…but with the exception of extra credit, which is a bonus and so by definition can’t be failed — Angel is dumb-ass like that). Angel will stop showing Extra Credit as a FAIL if you accumulate more than 6% extra credit (=60% of the Extra Credit category). But whatever: even if you never accumulate 60%, and so Angel is still showing you as a Fail in the Extra Credit category when the course is all over and the dust settles, the extra credit you earned will still be added to the final grade.

Like I say, you asked.

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