Final Exam

I am always pleasantly surprised how well students do on the final exam. This time, the average was 88% (B+) (89% (B+) when the fails are excluded). That’s a full 15% better than Class Test 4. There were 7 fails and 5 no-shows. No students got everything right, but on my ask-28-questions-grade-out-of-25 algorithm, 64 students got 100%, and six students got 26/28. There were 119 A‘s, 75 A-, 38 B+, 25 B, 16 B-, 18 C+, 4 C, and 9 D‘s.

Once I have dealt with the final grades, and the e-correspondence they generate (“please sir, can I have some more grade”), I’ll might come back and muse some on why the final exam¬†performance is so much better than in the class test which was just a few days earlier¬†(a 15% jump in average performance — from a C to a B+ — in just five days?)

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