The line in the sand

It’s that time of year where I get inundated by email with students asking for a better grade. These requests fall into two categories.

  1. They’d just like some more. My 2015 response to that is here.
  2.  They’d like to be rounded up. My 2015 explanation of my rounding algorithm is here.

To both those 2015 posts, I note that this year there was up to 10% extra credit available. Students who want a higher grade might think about why they did not make full use of that.

Moreover, all students got at least 1% extra credit (the bribe to get the class SRTE rate return rate above 80%, which it duly was), and many students got more as carrots for time management, phone hand-ins, names in the hat….  That means all students just below a grade boundary got as close as they did because of extra credit — not academic performance. If I took away the non-academic extra credit, they would not be close. Grades are earned not requested.


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