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Sad truth: The majority of Penn State graduates have chosen not to be science majors. 

Important truth: Science will be part of the solution to every problem in the 21st century – and it will continue to illuminate humanity and humanity’s place in the universe.  

Conclusion:  The majority of PSU students could go into the world poorly prepared to deal with something that will have a major impact on every aspect of their lives.  

Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy (SC200) is one of the attempts by the Eberly College of Science to help rectify this.  The course is aimed at helping non-science graduates – who might even have hated science at school – to be better consumers of science.  

Lofty ideals, hard audience, challenging topic.  This instructor blog is an attempt to enhance dialog between students and instructors about the teaching itself.  We hope that by being open with what we are doing, and how we think it is going, we will provoke feedback which will improve the course as we go along – and make it dynamite in future years.  Can we make this the best course at Penn State?

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