Monthly Archives: December 2010

Accountability and “Corporatization”

        The December 5, 2010 Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting article about perceptions that college and university administrators see higher education as a business.
       Whatever your perception of the article or the interesting comments, this has implications for how some faculty members might view assessment and accreditation.  Interesting!

A good resource for case studies

The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, a great resource out of the University of Buffalo, has just redesigned its Web site to be more user-friendly. The site has cases from a variety of disciplines in the sciences — several hundred cases, in fact. Neill Johnson and I used one of the center’s bioethics cases earlier this year when we did a workshop for faculty at Penn State Hershey. 

Grad schools weigh in on program assessment

One of the Chronicle blogs had an interesting conversation about program assessment in graduate schools. It’s worth reading, both for the administrators’ viewpoints and for the anonymous comments by readers (ranging from thoughtful to petulant):