Something that I feel strongly about, after discussing a few ways that advertisements and political posters are used to create some sort of change, and make people ask questions, or bring about a certain passionate┬áresponse, brought to mind how System of a Down used┬átheir film “Screamers” to shine light on Turkey denying the Armenian Genocide.

SOAD Steps Up Armenian Genocide Awareness Campaign

Their music is a perfect avenue to help relay this information to their lsiteners. Even with Serj’s new solo albums, he doesn’t forget to mention the genocide, especially with the track “This is Genocide” from his first solo album, Elect the Dead; the song is sung entirely in Armenian to emphasize his connection to his roots from Lebanon.

Each other member of SOAD have Armenian roots, however, they grew up in LA.

When I first began to listen to them and become infatuated with their music, I picked up the undercurrent of this idea of raising awareness through their music. It wasn’t until I picked up the DVD of “Screamers,” until I truly started to learn about one of the first genocides in history.

Shahinian-System of a Down-r2

System of a Down created this print, and, along with others that help make passive listeners into active members of a plan to raise awareness, even if it is through buying a T-Shirt with this logo on it.

There are other political posters emphasizing the denial of the Armenian genocide, and I just wanted to touch on the fact that anonymous graffiti artists aren’t the only ones who can make waves when it comes to an issue they care about.


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