It Depends On Your Definition of Naked.

Naked Juice Class Action Lawsuit

I should feel dumb to have even considered that Naked Mighty Mango contained only fruit and mangoes. Of course it didn’t.

It came from a bottle, that came from a manufacturer, and that manufacturer is Pepsi. 

The bottle even states that it’s all natural, only fruit, blah blah blah. However, this was all just a clever ploy to reassure me that this Naked juice was stripped of anything other than natural goodness.

It turns out that Naked has been misrepresenting the products that are put into the drink as “all natural” or the like.

Now, I can call them and tell the company that I drank it and I’LL get paid. 

I am ashamed of the misrepresentation of the product, but I am also ashamed of buying into something that Pepsi says is “healthy.” 

I’ll still drink the shit out of Mighty Mango, though.