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Do or Do not. There is No Try. Fulbright

Leave it to Yoda and Star Wars for the wisdom we need. With five years or so until semi-retirement, I’ve started to think more seriously about what I’d like to accomplish before I step back a little bit from formal “work”. A chance at a Fulbright award is something I’ve always wanted to try for, but there are so many hurdles…I had the chance to speak with a program director today, and she said, “Well, you know, if you don’t try, you have a zero percent chance of getting in.” I chuckled… Good point! ┬áSo Yoda, I guess I’ll put my shoulder to the wheel, and start the ball rolling. Come to think of it, there are a lot of these kinds of cliches that urge us to just go for it! Nothing ventured nothing gained. ..It never hurts to ask… Go for it! Just do it! Go for the gusto! We humans must need that encouragement for some reason.

So if there is something that deep down in your heart, you really really want to do….then I encourage you (as I will encourage myself) to just DO IT! I’d love to know what you’re contemplating!

4 Responses to “Do or Do not. There is No Try. Fulbright”

  1. The Purple Lady

    Your slice sings to me! I just sliced about a job change I’m going through and I need to just embrace it! Thank you for writing this today.

    • Suzanne

      I’m glad! Good luck with your new job, too!

  2. elsie

    I love the program director’s response! So true, so here’s to your possible new adventure.


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